Automobile History: When Was the First Car Invented?

When was the first car invented? Well, the automobile history dates back to 1769 when a steam engine was invented for the the transport of human at low speed. In 1885 the first automobile was invented, which ran on petrol and gas. This was the first automobile invented we can say, which was power enough to carry persons to medium-long distances at a reasonable fast speed.  Then at the start of the 21st century cars powered by electric power appeared.

The Early Cars and the Inventors

Karl Benz from Germany invented various car technologies. See photo of Karl at right. He is also regarded as the main inventor of the modern cars. He also received a German patent in 1886. the 4 stroke internal combustion engine that ran on petrol, and that was advanced was a creation of a German inventor Nikolaus Otto. A similar 4 stroke diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel. The hydrogen fuel cell (a replacement for gasoline) was discovered by a German Christian Frierich in 1838.  Anyos Jedlik of Hungry

invented battery electric cars and Gaston Plante invented lead-acid battery for cars in 1859.

In 1838, electric powered cars that can attain 4 miles / hour speed started to appear. Then between 1832 and 1839, first crude electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable cells was built by a Scottish Robert Anderson. Charles Edgar and his brother Frank, around 1893 created a first successful gas powered car with 4hp and 2 stroke motor. These brother set up first American automobile manufacturing company.

This was the history of automobile. That was interesting to learn, isn't it?

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