When To Replace Tires

When to Replace Car Tires with New Tires?

Cars are directly dependent upon tires for their movement as humans are dependent upon shoes for the same. Hence car tires play a crucial role in numerous driving phases, may it be drifting, normal driving, acceleration, deceleration, braking action, aiding suspension and steering response; car tires are the major component which are there playing their role in every movement of the vehicle and bearing all the load and all types of frictions upon them directly. It is therefore very necessary that to buy car tires the tires selection be done with due consideration for achieving a safe and comfortable drive. Now the question of the questions is that how and when to replace the car tires which are worn out, as the tires should be regularly checked for their wear and tear. Some of the best tips to determine whether it's time to buy new tires are mentioned below:


Car tires should be inspected on regular intervals may it be weekly or monthly but must be checked. One important aspect about the car tire

inspection is that they do not wear out uniformly and a uniform wear and tear should not be expected when inspecting the tires wear. All the environmentally friendly car tires should be inspected from the inside and outside, for uneven wear and any other cuts or bruises. It is important to note that uneven wear in tires is due to inaccurate wheel alignment, towing or pulling, faulty suspension, driving style and road conditions.

Wear Markers

May it be hard wearing car tires or environmentally friendly car tires, almost all of the good quality car tires are manufactured with wear indicators embossed in between the threads base. Car tires should be regularly checked for the wear in accordance with the wear markers, when tires tread is about to reach the level of the wear marker, replace the tires as after that the car tires are no more road worthy and should not be blamed for any accident. Hence the tires should be replaced when there is around 3 mm of car tire tread is remaining, to be on the safer side.

Life of the Tire

Almost all of the car tire manufacturers claim that the life of car tire is five years from the date of manufacturing. It is also mentioned on the side wall of the tires. The tires should be thus immediately replaced when that date is over, even though if the wear in the car tires may not be that much. As after that the car tires performance is compromised and safety concerns too. The manufacturing date is mentioned as a four digit number in which the first two numbers indicate the week of manufacturing and the second later numbers indicate the year of the car tires. 

This guide explained when car tires should be replaced. Hope you found it helpful.

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