Is Software Engineering Degree Right For You?

What is Software Engineering?

It is a sub-branch of Computer Engineering and is concerned with development, operations and maintenance of software.

Benefits of Studying Software Engineering

As a software engineer or a software developer you will be involved in developing, deploying and maintaining software that is reliable, fast, secure and cost-effective. You may be developing websites, creating mobile apps or desktop software. If you are a computer geek who loves working with computers, you will love to become a programmer after studying Software Engineering Degree. Remember, though programming is not easy compared to other IT related tasks such as database management or networking.

Career as a Software Engineer

With a Software Engineering Degree, you will find numerous opportunities awaiting for software engineers. A software engineer enjoys getting an average salary of $92000 per annum. Jobs for a software engineer are expected to grow by 46% in the next 10 years. However, note that programming is not an easy job, not everyone who is a computer geek can write computer programs. If you think you can handle eye-strain and offer great attention to detail, this career is for you, with a handsome amount of money in return. Furthermore, according to a recent CNN report, software engineering jobs were declared "Best Jobs in America", ahead of medicine, law, financing and other jobs.

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