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Solar Car Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Car Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar powered cars have many similarities to the regular car. They have a motor, steering wheel, seats, brakes and more. Solar powered cars use solar panels to obtain energy from the sun, which is then converted into electric energy for the running of the car. If there is no sun or very little sun light, the car photovoltaic cells on the solar panel will not get energy and so the car will only operate for limited distances.

These cars were first built by some universities then its research and development continued from there. The research on solar powered cars was focused on solar cell design, car power requirement, air-conditioning and heating. The solar panel on a solar powered car contains hundreds of photovoltaic cells. They convert sunlight into electricity. Unlike objects that also use solar energy, solar cars can use different solar cell technologies that often involve monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and gallium arsenide.

Solar powered cars usually are designed with distinctive shapes because designers' objective is to minimize drag and car weight and maximize the exposure to sun light. The design considerations also involve the safety of the car. Let's read on and find out solar car advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Solar Cars

  • Unlike regular cars, solar energy powered cars are able to utilize their full power at any speed.
  • Solar powered cars do not require any expense for running.
  • Solar cars are quite.
  • Solar cars require very low maintenance.
  • Solar cars produces no harmful emissions.
These were advantages of solar powered cars.

Disadvantages Of Solar Cars

  • Solar cars don't have speed or power that regular cars have.
  • Solar powered cars can operate only for limited distances is there is no sun.
  • If it is dark out for many days, the car battery will not charge and you this can seem as a  problem to many problem. This is the main reason why people don't rely on solar cars.
  • A good solar powered car is expensive. It will cost $200,000 or more.
  • Parts used in solar cars are not produced in large quantity so they are expensive.

These were the solar car advantages and disadvantages. Also read: Components of a Solar Car

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