7 Great Advantages of Automatic Transmission

There are many advantages of automatic transmission cars, such as:

1. You do not have to worry about putting the gear in "Neutral" before starting the car.

2. You can drive the car without needing to use clutch.

3. You do not need to change the gears because gears change automatically.

4. It is much easier to drive your car in stop-and-go traffic with automatic gears.

5. First time learners find it very easy to learn and drive a car that has automatic gear than ones with a manual gear system.

6. Since automatic transmission system is responsible for sensing when to shift gears and shifting between gears, it can do so much more accurately and more quickly than any driver.

7. Automatic transmissions are safer to drive than manual ones.  When both of your hands are free to drive and handle the car, it is certain that it is safer to drive a care with automatic gear system.

These are the advantages of driving an automatic gear car. What car do you drive - manual or automatic? Please comment below sharing your experience with automatic or manual gear system.

There are many different gear modes in an automatic transmission vehicle.

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