Effects of Cartoons on Children

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Effects of Cartoons on Children

Cartoons are part of life of every growing child. They appear to entertain the child but under the cover of entertainment, children assimilate a number of other things too. Cartoons can have numerous good and bad effects on the overall development of the children. Pros and cons of cartoons on children include:

Children Relate to Cartoons

Children relate to cartoons more easily as compared to adults. They tend to remember lessons taught in the cartoons more frequently as compared to the things told by parents or guardians. This can speed up the process of learning.

Better Learning

Many times, cartoons have been introduced in the curriculum of young students. It has been found that teachers have reached the goals of curriculum with greater ease and much faster. Cartoons enhance social interaction and create a level of comfort for the children to express themselves easily.

Fights and Violence

Many times, cartoons portray action, fights and combats but without real time consequences. For example, hitting the ninja real hard won’t necessarily kill him but you would most probably find him very much alive in the next scene. Such unrealistic portrayals could cause the children to repeat the actions without realizing the serious consequences of their actions.

It has been reported that children who follow a lot of animated action series are more likely to indulge in fights at school.

Role Models

Cartoon characters often become one of the first role models of children. They could instill good qualities in the minds of the children. For example, Dexter demonstrates the value of science and learning. Superman is a man of action who protects the right from wrongdoing and helps the people.

Too Much of Cartoons is Bad

Like any other thing, the access of cartoons could have detrimental effects on the minds of the children. Children who watch a lot of cartoon are less likely to indulge in physical activities and hence prone to develop obesity. Children shall have a balance between indoor and outdoor activities so that they remain healthy.

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. It is up to the parents to look after the children and allow them the right kind of content and the amount.

These were the good and bad effects of cartoons on your children. Be aware that excessiveness and wrong use of anything yields negative results. Make sure your children are not getting addicted to the cartoons and that they not viewing cartoons that include violence, abuse, bad language and negative roleĀ cartoons so that they learn well and grow well.

These were effects of cartoons on children. Comment below sharing with us your thoughts on this topic.

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