There are many advantages of buying on eBay, but at the same time there are disadvantages of buying on eBay, too. Find below the top 5 disadvantages of shopping on eBay.

1. The first disadvantage of buying on eBay website is that you must have a PayPal account for making payments to the sellers. Since, not everyone owns a PayPal account and PayPal doesn’t operate in every country, you can not shop on ebay if you don’t have eBay. The website does allow payments by credit card but that also has to be done through PayPal.

2. Shopping on can be expensive when you have to pay for shipment. 

3. Some sellers may not provide complete or accurate information about their products, due to which you may get something delivered to you that you didn’t really wanted or wouldn’t like something of that quality.

4. If you are bidding on an item, you will have to compete with many other bidders to win that item. Furthermore, you may have to wait for days or weeks for the bidding to end before you could buy the item.

5. There are many fraudulent sellers doing business on eBay. They might say they are selling a genuine item but when you get it, it is totally a different thing.

These were the top eBay disadvantages for the buyers. Have you ever shopped on eBay? Share your experience of eBay in the comments section below.

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