Disadvantages and Advantages of Getting PMP Certified

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PMP Certification is offered by PMI, a US based non-profit institute that researches and standardises project management practices. PMI was formed in 1960 and now has global presence. Read more about PMI here.

PMI offers many certifications and the most popular one is Project Management Professional (PMP)

Advantages of PMP Credential

Need of the Day

More and more employers are needing job seekers to be PMP certified. If you search for jobs online, you will find out that many good jobs, especially the senior position jobs require you to have the PMP credential.

Global Recognition

PMP credential is globally known and recognized. Whether you are in Asia, Australia, Europe or any other continent, the employer there recognize the value of the PMP credential and if you apply for jobs, you will be given preference over others because you are PMP certified.

Higher Salary

If you are going to apply for a job and you are PMP certified, you can ask your to-be employer a higher salary being PMP certified. It is true that with your PMP credential, the employers give you extra points and are not hesitant to offer you higher salary than they would offer to a non-PMP candidate.

Communication and Work Skills

Being PMP certified, you have learnt a lot of tools, techniques and methods to plan, execute, monitoring project effectively. Moreover, with PMP credential, you become confidence that you know a lot of project management terminologies that you can use in your meetings, emails, letters and during oral conversation with stakeholders.

Validates Your Work Experience

To be eligible for the PMP exam, you need to have worked approximately 4500 hours (if you’re a degree holder) or 7500 hours (if you don’t have a degree). Hence, your PMP credential also validates your work experience.

Disadvantages of PMP Credential


PMP Exam costs US $ 555. It may not be so much high for those who earn in US $ but for others this amount may be very high.


PMP exam is not very easy. PMI does not reveal the passing score or percentage. Years ago, PMI had set passing cores to be 61% and 68.5%. However, the experts say that the current passing score is approximately 75%. So, it seems that PMI keeps changing the passing score from time to time.


Preparing for the PMP exam is very much time consuming. PMI has been adding new content in PMBOK every few years. 10 years back for example the PMBOK 4th edition comprised of approximately 500 pages and the PMBOK 6th edition has about 900 pages. So, you need time to understand as well as memorize the syllabus.


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