CVT Transmission Advantages (Continuously Variable Transmission)

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CVT Introduction

Before I move on to the CVT transmission (Continuously Vehicle Transmission) advantages, let us first learn what CVT system is and how it differs from traditional automatic transmissions.

In traditional transmissions, only a few no. of ratios provided by the gear, whereas in CVT transmissions, unlimited ratios of gear are provided. When the car cruises, the gears are automatically shifted up or down to infinite number of ratios. And depending on the car load, and whether the car is going downhill or uphill, the CVT transmission automatically adjusts and maintains a gear to provide maximum acceleration as well as fuel economy.

Advantages of CVT Transmission 

Vehicles with CVT transmission offer a very good and smooth drive. More and more cars are being built with CVT transmission systems, because of the advantages of the CVT transmission. The following are advantages of the CVT transmission:

1. Since the gear shifts up earlier, you get better fuel economy.

2. While driving, during gear shifting you do not hear a sound or get a slight jerk-feeling like you do in conventional  automatic transmission cars.

3. You get improved driving performance, better acceleration.

4. The unlimited gear ratios help in maintaining a steady drive and cruising speed.

5. CVT transmissions can vary the engine speed as needed to obtain maximum power and maximum fuel efficiency. And this is the best advantage you get from the CVT transmission installed cars!

These were advantages of CVT transmission. Which auto transmission do you like, CVT or conventional? Comment below, letting us know what do you think.

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