The Real Causes of Depression

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Causes of Depression

As the world is gradually coming to an end, human beings are becoming more and more vulnerable. We, today are surrounded by worries of all species and kind. Some of them bark on us like dogs while other penetrates into our minds like a snake. Then there are some forms of worries that are not related to us directly but affect us badly exactly like the dirty black crow that sits on the window pane and tweets the entire day in his noisy way.

With the dawn of each new day we humans are seen more worried about how to bring uniqueness in what we do and say, how to be perfect, how to stand different from the crowd and so on and we are only running after desires and wishes and busy in comparisons and evaluations of ourselves with others. Wanting more and more brings depression, anxiety and unhappiness with it.

There are various causes of depression and different people have different reasons associated to their depressed state of mind. However major causes of depression are situations, physical states, emotions and actions.


Some common depression causing situations are workplace, form of work like sales, customer services and clientele handling, team work and so on. Other than this personal situations like family problems, health issues, financial problems etc all are important situations that make us depressed.

Distorted thinking

Sometimes it so happens that we start thinking negative about ourselves or about an event that is soon to be happening, anxiety about a project to be submitted as to what will happen if I fail the test, if my project is rejected, if the boss fires me from work etc.  All such distorted thinking patterns make us depressed.

Physical state

Sleeping disorders results in a bad mood and laziness which results in a state of depression. Many people face problems in having a good sleep like long working hours, shift work, uncomfortable sleep due to extremely hot weather, kids waking you up in the night etc. There and many other such reasons that make you exhausted and you lack the energy to perform well and start feeling depressed.

Life Imbalance

Those people who spend much of their time doing only work actually neglect personal well being. These include recreational activities like going for jogging or walking, spending time with friends and family.

These are some of the most common factors of depression that can be cured. Sometimes people know why they are depressed so it’s easy to help them get out of it while sometimes people do not know why they are depressed. Usually retired people are more prone to depression as they are retired; living alone, have no social supports or friends etc. However, no matter what age you are if you are depressed try to figure out why? If you are unable to cope up with the depression it is better to start visiting a neurological expert to help you fight with depression.

These were causes of depression! Living with depression is a sin as it reduces your life so the better you get rid of it the easier it is for you to enjoy the rest of your life.

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