Brief History of KFC

This famous restaurant, which is present at more than 19000 locations, was founded in 1952. The founder of the KFC Colonel Harland Sanders started selling chicken at his roadside restaurant in Kentucky, USA. The startup was very  successful  and in a few  years he expanded his business by making KFC’s presence in more than one city. Soon, the business even further grew to great extent that Colonel Harland found it difficult to manage it, so he sold it to two investors John and Jack. From then  onward , KFC grew worldwide rapidly and only between 1986 and 1991, 2000+ outlets  were opened in different countries. Prior to opening KFC, colonel harland had a motel and a restaurant with 140 seats. 

He was also very  successful  in this business that colonel Sanders put a prefix ‘Colonel’ to his name after the  Governor  Lawrence was impressed by his hard work and success and gave him title ‘colonel of Kentucky’. The Kentucky fried chicken was always named and called by this name, until the year 1991 when its executives  realized that people mostly use the name KFC instead of kentucky friend chicken. Thereafter, KFC was official named and its name every where was also changed from  kentucky friend chicken to KFC. Colonel sanders died at the age of 90. Even in his late age, he used to travel thousand of miles a year to different places for  marketing purposes.

At the moment, KFC is located in more than 19420 locations. When it was started, it only offered fried chicken. Now, you will find in KFC chicken  sandwiches, fries, chicken wraps, salads, soft drinks, desserts and breakfast. KFC now has more than 100,000 employees worldwide and is  continuously  expanding.

Timeline of KFC History

1937 – Colonel Sanders opened a model with a restaurant having 142 seats.

1940 – the year the original recipe of KFC chicken was born

1952 – First Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) restaurant was opened

1957 – The KFC was started selling in buckets.

1964 – The KFC has more than 600 outlets in the US, England and Canada combines.

1971 – Over 3500 KFC branches were present worldwide.

1976 – A survey was conducted that ranked Colonel Sanders as the world’s 2nd most recognizable professional.

1979 – More than 6000 KFC branches were present throughout the world. 

1980 – Colonel harland died

1986 – Pepsico acquired KFC

This KFC history is interesting, isnt’t it?

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