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Best PMP Exam Preparation Tips

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PMP Exam Study Tips

Find here best PMP exam preparation tips. These PMP exam tips will help you properly prepare for the PMP exam and make it easy for you to attempt the PMP Exam. Also find here PMP exam day tips

1.   Read PMBOK two times. You will understand all the concepts, terminologies, processes, inputs/outputs and tools & techniques.

2.   After reading PMBOK, read PMP Exam Prep by RMC. It will further enlighten you on all the areas of PMBOK by giving examples, scenarios and case studies. Practice questions are given at end of each chapters, go through all of them. If you answer any wrong, you may need to re-study that topic – perhaps you didn’t study well or possibly missed that part altogether. Read this book also two times. You must obtain at least 90% marks in your practice questions.

3.  Understand well the critical path, early and late dates and methods how to calculate these values.

4. Memorize the following:

a. Earned value formulas.

b. All the theories from the HR Management Knowledge Area.

c. 7 quality tools from the Quality knowledge area.

d. Differing powers of the project manager in matrix, projectized and functional organizations.

e. Parts of Project Charter

f. Activities performed in Closing

g. Parts of project scope baseline, project scope statement

h. Important inputs/outputs and tools & techniques from all the Knowledge Areas.

6. Attempt a mock exam. You may use the RMC Fastrack software that contains 2000+ practice questions.

PMP Exam Day Tips

At start of the exam, you are provided with pen/pencil and papers or small writing boards. Whatever you have memorized, try to compile all that and write on the paper/board. For example, write the EVM formulas, HR theories, early, late dates calculation formulas. During the exam, you can use these notes and will be able to answer the question quicker and correctly.

These were the best PMP exam preparation tips. Hope you found them useful. If you’re interested in obtaining high quality PMP training online, check them out.

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