Your computer without antivirus software is safe if you do not download anything from the Internet and do not copy or install anything from a USB drive or any other external storage. It is highly important for anyone to install antivirus software on his computer, and not only this, he also has to make sure he updates it regularly, unless the software updates automatically.

People and organizations suffer massive losses on regular basis due to virus attacks. Some viruses do their job quietly and you don’t notice any change in your computer. The virus may be your information or may be it is scheduled to attack the computer after certain time, so you never know. The bottom line is – viruses are spreading like a wildfire and taking preventive measures is necessary for both personal and business computer user.

Any computer user should not take it lightly. Maybe a virus never attacked you before but one day a virus gets downloaded in your computer and you may lose hundreds of files, maybe your Word files, your personal data, or any other work that you have been working on for weeks or months!

Sources of Virus

  • Internet is full of viruses. Whether you are browsing a music website, torrent, software or any other website, some of these, and you don’t know which, have virus-infected files waiting for you to download them and cause harm to your computer.
  • Many a times, you connect a USB drive to your computer for copying files. These files may be virus-infected and when you run them, these will cause harm to your computer.
  • Sometimes, a very legitimate looking website also contains viruses. Often people upload their files onto websites (e.g. an online forum, etc.), which are virus-infected. 
  • Evil-doers have become so smart that they can attach a virus with a video file or a picture. When you open that picture or video file, these open perfectly fine but in the background the virus is doing its job quietly. 

These are common sources of virus attacks, and there may be more. A computer virus can cause a little to very serious damage to your computer and you may or may not notice any effect. Find out about the effects of computer viruses on the computer here.

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