Are you unsure about how to download iTunes to your computer? In this article I explain the process in its entirety

So You Want To Download iTunes, the Process is Easy
How do i download iTunes onto my computer? Downloading iTunes onto your computer is as easy as A.B.C. Still, many people are unaware of the procedure, and so think it is perhaps difficult to do. If you want to download iTunes onto your computer, this article will help you do that; but before you learn how to do this, it is important to find out what the prerequisites are for installing the software. By knowing the software and hardware requirements beforehand you can determine whether you can download and run the software on your computer or not.
If your computer meets the software and hardware requirement of iTunes, you can download it onto your computer; otherwise you will need to upgrade your computer hardware and/or software to meet the iTunes requirements.

iTunes Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Minimum 1.0 Ghz AMD or Intel processor. 2.0 Ghz Dual Core CPU is required to play HD video,iTunes Extras or an iTunesLP.
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB of RAM. 1 GB is required to play HD video, iTunes Extras or an iTunes LP.
  • Screen Resolution: Minimum 1024×768 is required. 1280×800 of greater is required to play iTunesExtras or iTunesLP.
  • Internet: Broadband Internet is required to use the iTunesStore.
  • Disc drive: DVD or CD recorder to create MP3 CDs, audio CDs, or backup DVDs or CDs
  • QuickTime compatible audio card
  • DirectX 10.0 or higher edition-compatible video card with 32 MB of memory. 64 MB is recommended.
  • 200 MB of available hard disk space.
iTunes Software Requirement
  • Operating System: Windows XPSP 2 or later or 32-bit Windows Vista or 32-bit Windows 7. The 64-bit version of Vista and Windows 7 require the 64-bit iTunes installer.
  • QuickTime 7.6.6 or later

Procedure Downloading iTunes

Now that you know the hardware and software requirement of iTunes, you can download the program.
To download iTunes onto your computer, follow these steps:
1. Open your internet browser (i.e Internet Explorer,Chrome, or whichever you use)
2. Type in the Apple iTunes download website address: in the address bar, hit Enter.
3. When the website opens, enter your email address, tick/untick the options to receive emails from Apple on iTunes, their products and services, and finally enter your location if not correctly set, and click the Download Now button.
4. If you are using Chrome you will see a message confirming you want to download the file. Click Save. In Internet Explorer, a File Download window opens. Click Save and the download will start. If you are using some other Internet browser, you might or might not receive the confirmation message. If you do, click Save when prompted, and the iTunes will begin to download onto your computer automatically.

Dealing with the Internet Explorer Information Bar

When you use Internet Explorer for downloading iTunes, you may see that a yellow information bar appears when you click on the iTunes download link. This is a security feature in Internet Explorer that prevents files from downloading. When the information bar appears click this bar and select Download the File. A File Download window will appear, click on Save, and choose the disk location where you want to save the file. The iTunes setup file is 78 MB, and can take between 5 to 15 minutes to download, depending on your internet speed. Once the download completes, you can double-click on it to install iTunes on your computer.
This was how you download iTunes on your computer. So if you were wondering “how do i download iTunes onto my computer”, this article helped you do that!

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