Are online passwords a thing of the past? Remembering a lot of different passwords can be tedious business. Most of us use multiple internet services like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. and we have an account on every one of these sites and passwords. An average person has about 5-15 online accounts and expecting people to remember different passwords for all of them is unrealistic. Keeping one password is dangerous too as if one site is hacked, then all of your online accounts and maybe even your Credit Card information could be compromised. Most passwords are either too difficult to remember or too easy to guess. They are vulnerable to hackers too.  A security breach showed that out of 32 million passwords, 290,000 were as simple as 123456 and abcd123.

Biometric Identification

One possible solution is using fingerprints. As every individual has unique thumbprints, they can be used to identify a person and hence be used in place of passwords.

A very futuristic seeming idea is to swallow a special pill which when inside the stomach, sends out an electric signal. This electric pulse has a code in it that unlocks the account. The acid in the stomach acts like the acid in a battery and provides the power required to project the electric pulse. Although this seems promising, but there are certain problems with this technique as well. The

The idea of biometric identification has its merits too. Devices equipped with cameras and microphones can use facial or voice recognition to identify users. But the problem with this is that biometric data cannot be changed. If passwords are hacked, you may get a new password, but if hackers have access to your biometric information then you will be vulnerable forever. fingerprint identification system can be fooled. One possible way of circumventing such a security system is to make a dummy with the thumbprint of the victim imprinted on it. The thumbprint identification system will not be able to differentiate between the dummy and the actual finger and in this way security can be compromised.

Electronic Tattoo

Another possible way of getting passwords out of the way is to use an electronic tattoo. Each person has a unique tattoo which contains a code and an aerial. This setup sends a signal that can be used to login to your accounts. Many companies including Google are spending millions of dollars on research about these possible solutions to forgo passwords so it may be reasonable for you to expect to be beyond the era of passwords in a few years time.

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