Advantages Of UDP Over TCP

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What is an advantage of UDP over TCP?

The following are advantages of UDP over TCP :

1) UDP does not need the overhead required to detect reliability.

2) It does not need to maintain the unexpected deception of a data flow.

3) UDP requires less processing at the transmitting and receiving of hosts

4) It is simple to use for a network.

5) The operating system does not need to maintain UDP connections information.

6) Data transmission is faster than TCP.

Recommended Use of UDP

UDP is more appropriate to use it on large distributed systems where each host has to communicate with many destinations at the same time. In huge data communication systems, UDP helps reduce bandwidth and in faster data transmission. For example, when UDP is used for media streaming e.g. a movie, large data, generally in GBs is transmitted.  And if a tiny movie content is not transmitted (as UDP doesn’t guarantee transmission) we can still understand it.

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