There are several advantages and disadvantages of laptop computers. So, if you were wanting to know the advantages and disadvantages of laptops, read on to find them out..

Advantages of Laptop Computers

  • The major advantage of laptops is that they are portable. You can take them anywhere you want – your couch, office, bedroom, with ease.
  • You can unplug them from power outlet and continue doing your work.
  • All the computer components i.e. mouse, keyboard, monitor – are all combined together, so you don’t have to carry them separately as in case of a Desktop PC
  • Laptops are small in size, hence take very less space to place anywhere.
  • Due their light weight and small size, you can carry with you anywhere – on the train, car, plane, etc.

Disadvantages of Laptop Computers

  • Laptops are easier to be stolen or misplaced, due to their size and weight.
  • These are harder to repair, since almost all of the IT components are a single unit. If one component stops working, in some cases you will have to replace the
    entire circuit board with a new one, or buy a new laptop.
  • Compared to Desktop PCs, fewer parts from the laptops can be unplugged, when needed.
  • High performance laptops come with comparatively very high price tags.
  • Usually, a CPU, RAM and Hard drive are up-gradable. All other components like graphics card, audio card are built into the main circuit board and cannot be upgraded.

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