What are All in One Computers

For those who don’t know what all in one computers are, these are a single-unit computers that have all the computer parts assembled together inside one box, including the screen. The classic example of an all in one PC is the Apple iMac from the 90’s and some of the latest examples of all in one computers are HP all in one – HP Pavillion 24, Dell all in one – Dell Inspiron 24, Lenovo all in one – Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 and Preedip all in one PC

All in One PCs – Are They Good?

Yes, they are good but like every machine, these too have advantages as well as disadvantages, including these:

Advantages of all in one PCs:

1. There is no mess of cables as the screen, motherboard, etc all are inside one box, due to only one power cable is outside the box. A wireless mouse and a keyboard often come along with the purchase of an all in one computer, so really you have best cable management with this type of computer

2. They take lesser space than the usual desktop PCs because everything including the screen is compacted inside one box.

3. They are portable because there is only one piece to hold and move somewhere.

4. Immediately ready to use when you buy one, unlike regular desktop PCs that you can use only after you connect all the things including accessories such as keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, etc.

Disadvantages of all in one PCs:

1. They are a little more expensive than the regular desktop computers

2. Apart from RAM and CPU, you can’t upgrade other things in all in one computers. On some all in one computers, you can’t even upgrade RAM, CPU or the hard drive.

3. These are not as much in demand as the regular desktop PCs, so if you ever decide to sell yours, it will be a little difficult to find its customer.

Should You Buy an All-in-One Computer?

You can definitely go for an all-in-one PC whether it is for home use or office use. A lot of variety of all in one computers is available in the markets, even on Amazon you can find best all in one desktop PCs and all in one computer deals also so you can easily the one of your liking. They come with different specs, color, design and a range of prices is available to suit your affordability.

They are good, portable computers, which come with a minimum of 20-inch screen and some even have a dedicated graphic card so you can enjoy the gaming or movies more. So, at the end if you were to decide now between a regular PC vs all in one PC, be it for home or office use and you are inclined more towards an all in one PC, just buy it without a second thought.


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