The Apple iPad is the most innovative of gadgets that has been released for the masses till date. The sleek and lightweight slate has a charm. It is fun to use. But like every other thing, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some prominent pros, cons of the iPad

Pros of iPad

  • It is definitely lightweight. If internet browsing is your primary usage for a device, nothing is better than an iPad as it is light in weight. You won’t need to carry a bulky laptop everywhere just for the purpose of peeking inside your Facebook or checking emails every now and then.
  • If you are an avid reader, then iPad is your thing. It makes a comfortable and pretty reader. And it could hold a lot of reading material for you. You won’t need to carry all your books, novels and magazines with you all the time. They live in your iPad!
  • iPad is definitely a beauty. For all those fashion conscious people out there, iPad definitely adds to the style statement.

Cons of iPad

  • It works fine until you are up to a single task. But the moment you start switching between Apps, you would realize that iPad works slowly. A few lags are inevitable.
  • Writing long mails and documents on iPad is definitely not a good idea. Laptops with proper keyboards make typing a lot easier.
  • Among the specs, the storage capacity cannot be upgraded. One has to accept the already available memory. Hence it is not a good option if you are used to storing a lot of material.
  • One of the biggest issues with iPad is that it has no USB support. The transfer of data becomes hard.

These were pros and cons of the iPad. While iPad is a fancy gadget, but everything that glitters is not gold. It has its cons as well! Think before you buy!

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