Everyone faces highs and lows of moods in life. Sometimes we are feeling ecstatic, other times we feel down. But life is too short to feel low; you have to fix it. Many people around the world are addicted to Facebook. In all moods, they end up with Facebook one way or the other.

There are many things that you could do on Facebook to feel better if you are in a bad mood.

Visit Pages of Your Interests

Things that you find interesting always help to distract you out of a bad mood. Whether it is Princess Diana or Versace or Ronaldinho, visit their official or fan pages. You will find plenty of interesting updates and they will successfully distract you from your bad mood.

Comic pages on Facebook

There are hundreds of Pages on Facebook that are practically made to entertain people on Facebook. There are general pages that offer humorous content about everything and there are pages specifically designed to target a certain area or a distinct product. The comics and humors are very realistic and relatable. You can’t avoid laughing at the content.

Not to forget Humans of  Pages

Recent times have seen a trend of creating pages that star the real people from a city. The trend was started in November 2010 by photojournalist Brandon Stanton with his portrait photos and mesmerizing captions from the streets of New York. Today, you could find similar pages about most famous cities of the world. The portraits are very good by the descriptions make them worth a look. To search for such a page, you could enter in Facebook search something e.g ‘Humans of New York’.

Visit People you Love

Visit the people’s profile on Facebook that you love. Their activities and photos would make you happy. See what they are up to and participate in their lives. In this way, your sadness will get off of your mind and you will feel somewhat happy.

Play Social Games on Facebook

Gaming has reached next level on Facebook. Now you could play interesting and addictive social games on Facebook. Gaming is a very nice way to forget your ordeals of life.

Chat with Friends and Family

You can chat with any of your friends or family members – maybe just hello, hi or maybe you would like to share anything with someone. It’s easy to chat with them – from the Messenger App or using Facebook on a computer. It is said that sharing your thoughts with others makes you feel good or relieved, so you can always contact others to get in touch online, if you can not easily meet them offline.

These were interesting and fun activities you can do when ever you are in Facebook.

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