Both Acer and Lenovo makes more than just laptops such as smartphones, Desktop PCs and other electronic devices. Both Acer and Lenovo have very good laptops but Acer also has much better gaming laptops. In the post below, I will give a high-level overview comparing Acer vs Lenovo.


Acer gives a lot of color options to choose fron in their laptops. When comparing size, Acer laptops are also thinner than Lenovo laptops. Lenovo laptops do not have much design options to choose from and many of their laptops come in dark colors and often in black colors.


Majority of the Lenovo laptop users are very satisfied with their laptops battery. Acer laptops have good battery too but Lenovo users seems to be more satisfied than the Acer laptops users when it comes to battery backup time.


Both Acer and Lenovo laptops come in almost same price. Obviously, some specific models are cheaper or more expensive than the other type of models, so you can say that price of both the laptop brands is almost the same.


Both laptop brands offer almost equal power when it comes to CPU, RAM and video graphics. So you may consider both the laptops same when deciding on which laptop to buy between these two brands.


Both brands offer similar quality, power and price to its consumers. However, if you prefer a specific color, shape or design then Acer will give you more options than Lenovo.

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