Facebook account hacked? Or you just think that your Facebook account is hacked because you have seen an activity on your account where you were not involved in? There are many reasons why Facebook accounts get hacked, and there are several ways for them to do it. But once your Facebook account gets hacked, you should take some action. You can recover your account, and prevent your Facebook data from getting misused. However, you need to take action immediately.

Read on and learn what to do once your Facebook account is hacked.

Step 1: Got this page http://www.facebook.com/hacked. Enter your Facebook account password.

Step 2: On next page that opens, click 'Continue'.  On the next Page click 'Get Started'. On the next one click 'Continue'.

Step 3: On the next page, create a new password and click 'Next' and on the next screen choose a username and click 'Next'

Step 4: On the next page, you will be shown recent activities done on your Facebook account. If you want to delete any of them, select these and click 'Delete', else click 'Skip'.

Step 5: On the next page, click option to get future notifications from Facebook and click 'Next'

Step 6: Now you will reach the last page. Here click 'Go to News Feed'.

Now, you have restored your account, deleted any activity that you think someone else has done on your account and changed your password. You're done!

To secure your Facebook account further, it is highly recommended to enable the 'Login Approval' feature. This feature, once enabled, will ask the hacker to receive a code on the phone number that you have registered in your Facebook account, before he can enter your account. And since, only you have your number, the hacker won't be able to get this code and perform any hacking activity on your account.

To enable 'Login Approval', got Facebook Settings -> Security. Click 'Add phone number' next to 'Text messages (SMS)' to enter your mobile number. Once you've done it, your account is now secured twofold - with your password and Login Approval. Now even someone steals your password, he/she will never be able to login to your account, unless he/she gets the code - which only you can get on your phone!

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Facebook admits itself that its use can leave people feel feeling worse and that it can be bad for user's mental health.Do we need more proof that supports the claim that Facebook effects one's mental health?

There are researchers who say that using social networking sites, including Facebook can damage the emotional well-being of people. When the mental health is effected, sleep problem, feeling of anxiety arises. Furthermore, people start to have depression and feel loneliness, said the participants of the research.

It is found in other studies that reading other people's Facebook profile leads to negative social comparison. Furthermore, reading other people's posts about their good life such as exciting travel experiences, beautiful family moments, bliss, money, etc. that they possess leave the person with inferiority complex and jealousy. This causes one to feel worse and feel down.

These are the issues that are experienced several times a day, since Facebook users tend to use Facebook several times a day. There are further consequences for being addicted to Facebook, which are mentioned here

Even an old study, which was conducted in 2013 showed that the more time young people spend time on Facebook, the worse they feel. More and more people nowadays experience bad moods, and other mental issues due to Facebook.  That was the reason perhaps Facebook considered introducing a few features in Facebook that would allow people to take a break from Facebook. The feature though small, may help people a bit with their mental health. The feature 'take a break' allows users choose what they want to see of their Facebook friends (e.g. exes, friends, superiors) and what they can see of yours.

We just learnt about effects of Facebook on one's mental health. But it doesn't end here, let us look at more problems we can face with Facebook. Read on...

Learn about the reasons why your Facebook account gets hacked. There could be several mistakes one may make that will lead his/her Facebook account to be hacked and these are explained below.

1. Using Facebook on Someone Else's Computer

Using someone's computer is one of the main causes for your Facebook account being hacked. This is due to the fact that people often do not keep their computers safe from Trojans, malware, spyware etc. Many people I know do not even have any antivirus software installed on their computers.>

Using a computer that is infected with malware, spyware, Trojans etc. is very risky. When you logon to your Facebook account using infected computers, your account details i.e. username and passwords are stolen and transmitted to the hacker (criminal) instantly. Also read about the 8 common reasons how computer viruses are spread to other computers

Sometimes, you may use Facebook on someone's computer, which is not infected, but you forget to log out Facebook on that computer. And if that computer belongs to a stranger, he/she might reopen Facebook in your absence and without needing to enter your username and password, he/she may misuse your account.

2. Using Same Password on Every Site That You Use

If your password is leaked or stolen that you use on one website, say Gmail.com, the hacker or any person with bad intend will try to logon to your other accounts, including Facebook, with the same password and it will work. Using the same password at many places is one of the major reasons for Facebook account getting hacked very easily.

3. Using Dangerous Apps on your Computer or Mobile Phone

There are tons of applications available for download, including games and all other types of applications, which do what these says these do but at the same time these capture your inputs on your other applications that you use.

It may seem like a very good game or a business app, but once you have installed it, it might start capturing every keystroke and every tap on the screen and hence your passwords will be stolen and sent to the criminals for misuse. Such application may even take charge of your Facebook account and starts posting something automatically.

4. Becoming Victim of Phishing Scam

Hackers often send emails out to millions of people. In the email, the graphics, the text and everything will look like as the email is without any doubt is from Facebook. The email will ask you to re-confirm your account password for security reasons or there will be any other such reason for asking you to enter your Facebook password.  There will be a link in the email, which you will be asked to click to open a Facebook page where you will enter your password to confirm your account. That page will open and will look 100% real like Facebook. But actually it will be a fake site. It's URL (address) will not be Facebook.com. Some people might notice it, but some might not. And when you will enter your password, this will be captured and sent to the criminal. The criminal will start misusing your account and even change the password so that you cannot login again.

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The following are amazing numerical facts about Facebook that will amaze you.

  1. Every minute, more than 50,000 links of different websites are shared on Facebook

  2. Every minute, more than 90,000 status updated are posted on Facebook.

  3. Every minute, more than 60,000 photos are tagged.

  4. Every minute, more than 150,000 messages are sent through Facebook

  5. Every minute, more than 90,000 friend requests are accepted.

  6. Every minute, more than 5 hundred thousand comments are posted.

  7. Every minute, more than 80 thousand wall posts are published.

  8. Every minute, more than 130,000 photos are uploaded on Facebook.

  9. Every hour, around 5 million videos are watched on Facebook.

  10. One in every thirteen persons in the world use Facebook.

  11. In USA, 72% of Internet users have a Facebook account.

  12. As per a survey, 50% of Americans, find out about latest news on Facebook

  13. Facebook users have on average 130 Facebook friends.

  14. Facebook users spend more than 700 billion minutes every month on Facebook

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