Tweet Size

Tweet size is limited to 140 characters only. This prevents one in conveying a complete message when it is necessary to use more words to pass on your thoughts with context.

Text-Based Only

Visual content except pictures can not be uploaded on Twitter. A tweet can only comprise a plain text, a single picture and website links. 

Your Tweet Disappears Very Fast

If your tweet is not read by your followers soon after you posted it, it will disappear under thousands of new tweets, and will not be quickly visible to read, unless specifically searched through.

It Can Become Boring

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has not much to offer like pics, videos, games, music, personal profiles and business pages, etc. Twitter can become boring if you do not see interesting tweets on the screen for some time.

Time Consumption and Addiction

Twitter can become addition for some people. They will keep on checking new tweets, relevant or irrelevant, expecting to find something new and spicy.

It consumes their precious time and also keep them constantly engaged with Twitter either they are at home, office or driving the car home or office. This proves to be unproductive and waste of time.

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There are many advantages of shopping on eBay. Whether you are a frequent Internet user or casual, this site is very easy and simple to use. If you like to save time, avoid long queues, eBay has many benefits to offer.


It is very easy and also quick to open an account on Once your account is created, the process to link your bank account, or your bank credit/debit card for payments is also very simple. From browsing the eBay products to bidding and making payment has been made as simple as possible. Anyone can open an account on eBay and use it.

Quality comparison

You can compare similar products for their quality and specification, before buying one. Furthermore, you can read reviews of other people who have purchased the same item that you are looking at, so as to know how really good that product is and any cons and pros of it. 

Price Comparison:

You can compare prices of a product being sold by many sellers, before actually buying it. 

Bid or Buy:

You can either buy the product right away for whatever price it is selling for, or you can place your bid. Many a times, your bid is higher than of other bidders but at the same time your bid is much low than the 'Buy It Now' price, so you end up buying a high price product at a very low price. However, since there are thousands of sellers selling same and similar items, due to competition among them, the sellers try to sell their 'But It Now' products at as low price as possible.


You can buy a product from any seller, no matter which country he is doing his business from, or what currency his bank account is in. When you make a payment, eBay handles all the activities of converting the money to another currency and sending it to the seller.

eBay Money Back Guarantee:

eBay protects every buyer in case he does not receive the item that he purchased, or if the item is not as described by the seller in his product listing.

Shopping History

You can keep track of items that you have purchased in the past. You can see your spending by date and other criteria. This helps you in keeping an eye on your purchases and the money you have spent or wasted.

These are the advantages of shopping on Have you ever shopped on eBay? Share your experience of eBay in the comments section below,

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Computer viruses are transmitted through various means and spread very fast. The following are the most common ways how computer viruses are transmitted.

1. Running a virus-infected program, image, video or any other file.

2. Booting a computer from a virus-infected medium, such as USB drive, etc.

3. Opening of a virus-infected email attachment.

4. Running pirated software. Pirated software files are known for often having virus attached to them, but you may find a virus-free pirated software as well if you're lucky.

5. Mobile devices. If you have virus in your smart phone and you connect it to your computer to copy files. You will end up copying virus-infected files from your phone to computer.

6. Bad Intranet. If you're connected to a computer network (LAN), you may access a file from a computer in the network, which is virus-infected. This way, the virus will run on your computer.

7. Hackers. Some hackers can target computer directly and even can bypass your computer Firewall to send a virus in your computer and run it. Though this way of virus transmission is not as common as others, it does happen quite often everywhere in the world

8. Opening a virus-infected USB drive. Many a times a USB drive is infected by virus in such a way that the moment you open it to see its contents, the virus runs - without even needing you to execute any file that is in it.

These are the many ways how computer viruses are transmitted. By reading this, now you may have understood the importance of using antivirus software. Some people think that antivirus software is not needed. To these people, I explained earlier whether their computers are really safe without antivirus or not. I also explained in another article the most common effects of viruses on your computer. I recommend you also read this.

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There are many advantages of buying on eBay, but at the same time there are disadvantages of buying on eBay, too. Find below the top 5 disadvantages of shopping on eBay.

1. The first disadvantage of buying on eBay website is that you must have a PayPal account for making payments to the sellers. Since, not everyone owns a PayPal account and PayPal doesn't operate in every country, you can not shop on ebay if you don't have eBay. The website does allow payments by credit card but that also has to be done through PayPal.

2. Shopping on can be expensive when you have to pay for shipment. 

3. Some sellers may not provide complete or accurate information about their products, due to which you may get something delivered to you that you didn't really wanted or wouldn't like something of that quality.

4. If you are bidding on an item, you will have to compete with many other bidders to win that item. Furthermore, you may have to wait for days or weeks for the bidding to end before you could buy the item.

5. There are many fraudulent sellers doing business on eBay. They might say they are selling a genuine item but when you get it, it is totally a different thing.

These were the top eBay disadvantages for the buyers. Have you ever shopped on eBay? Share your experience of eBay in the comments section below.

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