There are many disadvantages, harmful effects and dangers of social networking. You can be spied, your information can be stolen and used against you, and the social networking website you use can become cause of a trouble for you that you can't even image. Read on and find out how you can be spied, watched, tracked, trapped and attacked.

Your Employer Can Spy On You

No matter your boss is good with you or not, he/she can anytime spy on you. He may spy on you to know what you have been doing during weekends and weekdays. Whether you have been to the place on date and time or not where your boss asked you to go? Do you keep good or bad company of friends? What is your marital status? Did you go to hospital or were in a party when you asked the boss permission to take half-day off for your hospital appointment?

Your Friends Can Spy On You

Your friends can spy on you to see what's new with you? Where you are traveling? What do you possess? They may even look at your personal info like age, marital status, etc., to find out about you that you haven't told them about. They can see your and your family pictures that you do not want to show to everyone.

Your Spouse Can Spy on You

There have been many examples where spouses decide to divorce each other because he or she found something unexpected on the spouse's social media site. Maybe your husband has posted his picture with a female colleague on a coffee table. This may be just an official meeting but this may put doubt in your mind about your husband. Maybe husband find out a picture of her wife with some boys. Maybe they were just colleagues or they had no relation with your wife whatsoever but these things become cause of troubles unnecessarily, because your spouse could easily spy on you on a social media site. Statistics tell us that a large number of divorces are occurring due to Facebook. I recommend you to read Is Facebook a Marriage Killer

Your Enemies Can Spy On You

Your enemies are always looking at your profile, your timeline to find out all they can know about you. They can watch you very closely, trap and then attack you easily. Enemies are always looking for an opportunity when you post something publicly whether on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other such site. Even one post or picture update can give them hint about you and enable them to watch you more closely and easily. If you have a Business Page on Facebook, they can post inappropriate images on your Page timeline. They can even hire an IT hacker to hack into your account to find all information about you to easily find out about you, your family, your job, etc, so that they can trap you in their plan or predatory scheme, easily.

What About the Privacy Features?

It is true that you can choose what to show on your social media site and what not to. However, there are always something that you publish publicly, which anyone can see. Moreover, in Facebook for instance, your profile picture and cover page are always visible to everyone, hence anyone can see where you've been or how you have been and any other information from your published pictures.

Furthermore, if your enemy is a friend with your friend on Facebook, and your privacy is to show your posts/images to 'Friends of Friends' then your enemy can easily see all your posts. Enemies easily become friend with one of your friends on Facebook. They can send your friend a friend request from a fake female account for example, and such friend requests are rarely ignored by men. Other than these, there are many more possibilities for others to see your posts/images/etc. on social media sites.

In Final Words

Social Networking websites have advantages as well as disadvantages. The level these websites have benefits to its users, to the same level they have drawback.

Every day, many people join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such sites, they should be aware of privacy issues and they should be taught how to make their posts private and the ways others can see their information and how to prevent this from happening.

These were dangers, harmful effects and disadvantages of Social Networking. Do you use any Social Networking website? Did you ever have a problem with your privacy, were you ever spied, did you ever come in any problem? Share your experience with others in the comments section below.

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In What is Social Networking, I explained what Social Networking is. Find out here more about social networking and history of social networking below.

Social Networking refers to the interaction of people online through various dynamic sites. Though it appears that Social Networking has emerged just a decade ago but it is not so. It has been around since the birth of internet. But it has boomed in the last few years and before that the development pace was quite slow.

Start of the Internet

Most people don't know that the first email was delivered in 1971. It could be considered the dawn of internet and social networking. In 1978, a primitive form of today's Facebook and Dropbox emerged; Bulletin Board System was an interactive medium through which people could share information, upload and download software and data.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee came up with some ideas to manage and share information online. It became the bases of World Wide Web.

History of Social Networking

In 1992, emerged as a venture of two classmates Bo Peabody and Brett Hershey; it was initially thought to be an online community for youngsters. was one of the first social media sites to aim at managing user generated content. The years of late 90s is said to be the dot-com bubble as many new internet companies and website were emerging and the world started to realize the power of internet.

By 1997, internet had 1 million sites. The messenger by AOL allowed users to exchange instant messages. In 1998, Google launched an efficient search engine; this became the milestone of the world of internet as finding specific information now became just the matter of a click!

Although, the turn of millennium saw the decline of internet services but it was short lived and as the new millennium progressed, Social Media saw an unfathomable boom. In 2001, Wikipedia was launched; it is the biggest sink of information online. 2002 saw the launch of Friendster, it had 3 million users within 3 months. In 2003, MySpace and LinkedIn were launched. In 2004, Facebook and Flickr were founded. Today, the Social Media is a multi-billion dollar industry!

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I earlier explained is your computer safe without antivirus or not. I also explained the top common sources of virus. Now I am going to talk about computer virus effects that  may occur on your computer. 

Computer viruses have minor to serious effects on your computer, which can be seen immediately or sometimes later. Here are the top 5 common effects of computer viruses.

1. A virus-infected file can corrupt a Word or PowerPoint in a way that all its information does not remain in the original shape or it's removed permanently. A virus could delete your files. More dangerous viruses would delete your files then also crash your Windows so that you are left with no chance to try to recover your files.

2. Some viruses are made to find out sensitive information from your computer such as credit card detail or stored passwords etc. A user will not notice anything on the computer because the virus would do its job in the background and quietly.

3. Viruses can slow down your computer

4. Viruses can change the file extension. For example it may change a .jpg file to .exe file so that it will never open in any image viewer application.

5. Not just that! Viruses can even become obstacles in data recovery processes or running the antivirus scan on the computer, because these don'twant that you could remove viruses from your computer.

This is how a computer virus effects your computer. Now that you know how dangerous computer viruses here, it is necessary to download antivirus software on your computer immediately if you have not got one yet.

The Term - Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing, the term might seem vernacular of business studies, but every person who uses the internet actually becomes a part of it. Social Network Marketing refers to the tactics are strategies employed to gain traffic to a certain website.

Social Network Marketing is achieved through many different online means for example through famous social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, through especially created blogs or through YouTube.

The Idea of Social Marketing

Basically, the idea behind Social Network Marketing is that the sites that get a lot of traffic are used to create such innovate, appealing and engaging content that would convince the users to visit a certain site.

Through Facebook

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users as of March 2019. The ability to create Facebook pages and groups provides online marketers with a brilliant opportunity to promote their business and products online. Since Facebook profiles are quite detailed, one could post images, detailed descriptions and even videos of the products. This attracts a lot of attention. If done properly, Facebook pages can gather thousands of fan, hence a lot of traffic for the target website.

Through Twitter

Having 500 million active users, Twitter becomes one of the most famous Social Media website. It allows users to read and create tweets about anything that they follow. Although, Twitter is a popular choice for Social Media Marketers, it offers much less detail for the product under consideration. But the tweets often contain links to external sites, after sparking interest in the readers, so that the audience could be directed to the target site and hence the aim of Social Media Marketing is achieved.

Through Blogs

Over the years, the scope of blogs for marketing purposes has boomed. The blogs allow marketers to create long posts about their products. They could highlight the qualities of the product and provide testimonials for the visitors. Blogs have proved to be a great way for generating traffic.

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