Yahoo!Answers   ( is one of the more popular Q&A social website on the internet. On this website, users can ask questions about, well about anything. Other users then answer these questions. A points and best answer system is in place to provide incentive for people to reply to questions and to encourage them to answer them. You can only ask more questions when you have a certain number of points.

Personal Opinions

So how helpful is it? Well as the people who are going to reply to your question are other users, it is likely that they may have encountered the same problem some time earlier. So as a result, they can give you a first-hand account of how they dealt with the problem. These simple explanations are quite often easier to understand and more convenient to find than articles on the same subject.

Yahoo Answers! Categories

Questions are categorized in the many categories. There are categories for all sorts of stuff; from questions about education to questions about entertainment, quick polls, technology, day to day life, pets, cars and almost anything and everything that you can think of.

In the education tabs, you can see kids trying to get some help on school level science and mathematics. This shows that the social site is helpful to kids looking for some help in doing homework. Similarly, higher level science questions are also under discussion. Current affairs, religion and politics are also discussed in categories dedicated for them.

In technology tabs, people are trying to get some opinion on a new gadget they are looking to buy and in the travel sections; advice is asked for by people planning vacation trips.

When people ask questions on Yahoo!Answers, they are looking for answers from other people who have been in similar situations. This makes Yahoo!Answers unique. People who get some help from the website are often looking to return the favor by helping other people in return. This keeps the website working as everyone is willing to contribute.

Overall, Yahoo!Answers is a great place to visit and a very helpful tool if you want help or advice on anything.

There are many disadvantages, harmful effects and dangers of social networking. You can be spied, your information can be stolen and used against you, and the social networking website you use can become cause of a trouble for you that you can't even image. Read on and find out how you can be spied, watched, tracked, trapped and attacked.

Your Employer Can Spy On You

No matter your boss is good with you or not, he/she can anytime spy on you. He may spy on you to know what you have been doing during weekends and weekdays. Whether you have been to the place on date and time or not where your boss asked you to go? Do you keep good or bad company of friends? What is your marital status? Did you go to hospital or were in a party when you asked the boss permission to take half-day off for your hospital appointment?

Your Friends Can Spy On You

Your friends can spy on you to see what's new with you? Where you are traveling? What do you possess? They may even look at your personal info like age, marital status, etc., to find out about you that you haven't told them about. They can see your and your family pictures that you do not want to show to everyone.

Your Spouse Can Spy on You

There have been many examples where spouses decide to divorce each other because he or she found something unexpected on the spouse's social media site. Maybe your husband has posted his picture with a female colleague on a coffee table. This may be just an official meeting but this may put doubt in your mind about your husband. Maybe husband find out a picture of her wife with some boys. Maybe they were just colleagues or they had no relation with your wife whatsoever but these things become cause of troubles unnecessarily, because your spouse could easily spy on you on a social media site. Statistics tell us that a large number of divorces are occurring due to Facebook. I recommend you to read Is Facebook a Marriage Killer

Your Enemies Can Spy On You

Your enemies are always looking at your profile, your timeline to find out all they can know about you. They can watch you very closely, trap and then attack you easily. Enemies are always looking for an opportunity when you post something publicly whether on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other such site. Even one post or picture update can give them hint about you and enable them to watch you more closely and easily. If you have a Business Page on Facebook, they can post inappropriate images on your Page timeline. They can even hire an IT hacker to hack into your account to find all information about you to easily find out about you, your family, your job, etc, so that they can trap you in their plan or predatory scheme, easily.

What About the Privacy Features?

It is true that you can choose what to show on your social media site and what not to. However, there are always something that you publish publicly, which anyone can see. Moreover, in Facebook for instance, your profile picture and cover page are always visible to everyone, hence anyone can see where you've been or how you have been and any other information from your published pictures.

Furthermore, if your enemy is a friend with your friend on Facebook, and your privacy is to show your posts/images to 'Friends of Friends' then your enemy can easily see all your posts. Enemies easily become friend with one of your friends on Facebook. They can send your friend a friend request from a fake female account for example, and such friend requests are rarely ignored by men. Other than these, there are many more possibilities for others to see your posts/images/etc. on social media sites.

In Final Words

Social Networking websites have advantages as well as disadvantages. The level these websites have benefits to its users, to the same level they have drawback.

Every day, many people join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such sites, they should be aware of privacy issues and they should be taught how to make their posts private and the ways others can see their information and how to prevent this from happening.

These were dangers, harmful effects and disadvantages of Social Networking. Do you use any Social Networking website? Did you ever have a problem with your privacy, were you ever spied, did you ever come in any problem? Share your experience with others in the comments section below.

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Are you thinking of becoming an online publisher to earn money through Google Adsense? Or you are already using Adsense on your website or YouTube? If your answer is yes, then you must read the below-mentioned top reasons why Adsense accounts are suspended. Prevention is better than cure, we all have heard this. But remember, in most of the cases when the Adsense account is suspended, there is no cure for it. So it is highly recommended that you make sure to follow the Google policy about Google ads when you are using Adsense to earn money through your site/YouTube videos.

Clicking the Ads

If you, a bot, or anyone clicks on the ads that are running on their website, YouTube videos or app will be detected by Google and will result in account suspension. 

Sometimes, you want to click the ad to find out more about the product/service being advertised. You should still not click on the ad. If you really want to see the ad, use --Google Publisher Toolbar--, which allows you to click ad on your own site to see the result, and without having the click counted towards spam/invalid click activity.

Generating Artificial Impressions

Generating impressions both manually or through a bot will also get detected by Google and can result in account suspension.

Fooling a Web Surfer

Although not a big crime but if you intentionally use wrong keywords on your page, which do not reflect the content of the page, this may also be detected by Google and result in account suspension.

Asking Visitors to Click

You should not place text beside the ads like 'Please click here', 'support this site by clicking on the ad', etc. Encouraging the visitor of your site to click on the site is prohibited.

Generating Clicks by Accidental/Forceful Clicks

You should not place Google Ads at a place on your site where the site visitor would accidentally or mistakenly click. For example deceiving visitors into thinking that clicking the ad will open the content, site menu or any other thing.

Furthermore, ads must not be placed in such a way that would hide the content, and the visitor would have to click the ad before he could see the content.

Prohibited Content 

Google does not allow placement of ads near content of the following type. Display of such content may lead to account suspension.

  • Mature/adult content. Find out what type of mature/adult content is not allowed.
  • Content on hacking
  • Violent content.
  • Content on weapons
  • Content about alcohol or tobacco
  • Content on drugs
  • Content that talks against about a specific group, individual or organization.
  • Content that sell prescribed medicine or that sell unapproved dietary supplements or pharmaceuticals.
  • Content that asks the site visitor to click on the ads
  • Content that promotes illegal activity
  • Copyright content of any other website 

Embedding Ads in Software Applications

Google ads should not be embedded in any software application. A Google ad placed anywhere on the application such as toolbar, application front end, etc. is prohibited.

These are the main and top common reasons why Adsense account is closed by Google. If you are already running Google ads on your website or on You Tube videos, or you are planning to apply for Adsense, make sure that you are not doing anything as mentioned above, to avoid account suspension.

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I earlier explained is your computer safe without antivirus or not. I also explained the top common sources of virus. Now I am going to talk about computer virus effects that  may occur on your computer. 

Computer viruses have minor to serious effects on your computer, which can be seen immediately or sometimes later. Here are the top 5 common effects of computer viruses.

1. A virus-infected file can corrupt a Word or PowerPoint in a way that all its information does not remain in the original shape or it's removed permanently. A virus could delete your files. More dangerous viruses would delete your files then also crash your Windows so that you are left with no chance to try to recover your files.

2. Some viruses are made to find out sensitive information from your computer such as credit card detail or stored passwords etc. A user will not notice anything on the computer because the virus would do its job in the background and quietly.

3. Viruses can slow down your computer

4. Viruses can change the file extension. For example it may change a .jpg file to .exe file so that it will never open in any image viewer application.

5. Not just that! Viruses can even become obstacles in data recovery processes or running the antivirus scan on the computer, because these don'twant that you could remove viruses from your computer.

This is how a computer virus effects your computer. Now that you know how dangerous computer viruses here, it is necessary to download antivirus software on your computer immediately if you have not got one yet.