Here is the list of 10 weird products on Amazon.  Check them out and buy one for yourself or a friend or family.

1. Mobile Phone Jail - Family or Party Time, Fun Gift Product, $10.89

A great item to use at outdoor parties, restaurants and during family time.

2. Mac Inspired Candle, $29.99 

Own a Mac? Then it is a must-have companion for your Mac.

3. Meat Shredding Claws, $14.99

Shred anything like mutton, beef, chicken, BBQ, etc.

4. Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game, $10.99

Great gift for golfers. A great way to make any golfer laugh.

5. Hands-Free Hat Umbrella, $8.95

Anti-UV clothe, protects you from the rain or sun.

6. Hen Couture Rubber Purse, $19.99

A unique design and funny thing to hold

7. Six Unique Flavored Soda Bottles, $28.99

Why not try something new?

8. Small Pet Carrier, $99.00

Why keep your pet away from you - take him out with you.

9. Washable bottle holder Bra, $28.99

Hold your favorite drink during workout inside your bra. Drink it with the pipe provided.

10. Blood Bag for Drink, $19.99

Shock your friends and family by showing them that you've become a vampire :D

Want to see more weird stuff on Amazon? Then see this Amazon link.

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