Many people know what a simple web hosting is but most are un-familiar with cloud hosting. So, here I am going to explain to you in easy words what cloud hosting is and i will also recommend to you the best cloud hosting service, if you ever wish to purchase one.

What is a Cloud Hosting?

It is a web hosting where all the back-end applications, such as PHP and databases, etc run on software called as virtual machines, instead of a physical machine. What does that mean? We know that to run a website, we need to store web files somewhere, and maybe also need a database. All this stuff usually runs on a physical server.

In the case of cloud hosting, between the user and the server virtual machines are placed. Many virtual machines are placed on a single physical server to divide the server into multiple virtual servers.  This virtual machines runs all the required software like PHP, ASP.NET or database, etc.

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Benefits of Cloud Hosting

So why would we need to create this middle thing between the server and the user? The reason is to give the user a dedicated, un-shared, an independent place to run the different applications. So, you may run PHP on one virtual machine, and a database on another virtual machine and another application on a third virtual machine. So, the benefit of doing this is to give the user a secure, fast and a private place to run the applications. The big websites like Amazon, eBay, etc prefer to use cloud hosting for the same benefits.

You might heard of the term 'dedicated hosting'. In this, all the applications run on one independent server and there are no virtual machines (nothing in the middle to run the applications!) So, all the applications have the same server software running them. That is a big difference between a dedicated hosting and cloud hosting that in cloud hosting. By having an independent virtual machines acting as independent servers to run your different applications, you get the maximum computing power and secure transactions.

Where to Buy a Cloud Hosting Service?

There are many cloud server providers, and of course there are some fastest cloud hosting services and some are cheaper or costlier than the others. Some of them include AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more. I would recommend you to look at Cloudways hosting service. Cloudways is actually a middleman that let you purchase cloud hosting from top cloud hosting service providers at the original or even lesser rate. Cloudways is a highly reputed company and is used by top big websites. You can find the available cloud hosting plans on their website.

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This is a very easy-to-understand guide on how to build a website. I will take you through the steps, which you can easily follow to build your own website quickly and without any problem.

What Do you Need ?

To build a website, you need three things:

1. Domain name: It is a name of your website e.g and are domain names. We usually call them website names. In the world of the Internet, these are called domain names.

2. Web hosting service: Like a space in your hard drive to store your files, a website also needs a space to store its files. The service that hosts your website stores your website files and database.

3. A website

How Do You Get These ?

Buying a domain name and hosting

Now, the question is, how do you get all these three things. Don't worry, it is simple.  Domain name and hosting service are usually provided by a single service provider. You can choose to buy hosting from one service and a domain name from another service. But why would you do that when you can buy both the things from a single service provider.

So where to get the domain and hosting service for your website. There are many web hosting services available. The one that I use and would recommend is Web Hosting Pad.

You will simply sign up for an account, choose a domain name and pay for it and the hosting service. Once this is done, you can move on to the next step of building your website.

Creating your own website with no IT skills

If you have no IT skill, you will need to a hire one of the website builders from your country or from the internet. Though, it is easier to deal with a local website builder, buy you can buy a cheaper website builder online. Some of the best places to search for website builders include and

Just sign up for an account, post your website building project and you will get quotes from the website builders. Hire one of them and he will do the complete website building job for you.

Creating your own website with some IT skills

There are many content management systems (CMS) available for free. They allow you to build a website with simple clicks, and no programming knowledge is required. With CMS, you can add menu, articles and do other web things easily.  Some of the common CMS are Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal

Once the website has been built, it is then uploaded onto your hosting account to make it available online and searchable on Google.

This is how you build a website. You might had wondered how difficult is creating your own website. As I explained above, these are the three things that you need - domain name, hosting service and a website. So go head, buy a domain name, hosting service and then hire a website developer on freelancer or fiverr and get your website ready quickly.


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What to Look For in a Web Hosting Service?

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In this article I explained how you can build your own website. I also mentioned that for the domain and hosting, I personally use and also recommend Web Hosting Pad and JustHost being  reliable and cost effective webhosting services.

If you rather want to do your own research when choosing a web host from the so many web hosting providers available today, I am presenting below the most important things that you must look for in the web host, before you purchase a service from them.


Whether you an experienced web developer or you have no IT skills, you still need to get a support service that is 1) efficient, 2) skilled and 3) quick in responding to incidents or user support requests.

Incidents do happen, less or more, no matter what type of web host you are using. Sometimes, they are upgrading their infrastructure and turn off their machines or maybe due a strong hacker's intrusion the strong becomes slow, thing kind of things must be expected - not frequently, but from a reliable web host even, you can expect two or three service issues in a year. So, having good support persons sitting at the other side helps a lot in keeping your service up and running in all circumstances.

Often, you need their help. Maybe you couldn't configure your email address, or you need to change your PHP setting or may be you just want to increase the upload limit size, and in all other such needs, you need a good web host support.  So, getting a good support service is very important!


If you are going to publish a simple static website, you don't need many features. But, if you are going to be publishing a dynamic website, or a large or complex website, you may then need some good set of features available to you by the web host.

Some important features to have available include script installer (to automatically install a CMS), mail filtering (to filter out bulk junk email), mail forwarder, database backup and restore service, DNS settings and more.

The basic features are provided by all web hosts, so for a small website need, you can go for any web host, but for large or complex website, you need to look for additional features.

Service Performance

How the performance of a web host is measured? It is mainly measured against the up time of the server. Up time is how much time in a week or month or year the server stayed online. It is usually stated in percentage. If you go to any web host's website, they would have written there 99% up time or more. So, the best place where you can look at this information is review websites where existing users have shared their experience with the web host service that they have used.

But let me assure you, doesn't matter which web host you go for, as long as they are average or above average (usually their pricing can tell how good they are), their up-time will be satisfactory, it will be 98% or more monthly up-time. The one I recommended above - Web Hosting Pad, this is the one I use, they give 99% and more up time.

There could be other not-very-important factors in terms of measuring performance, hence and you don't need to worry much about that. Yes, you may want to consider some of them if you are going to host a very large website that will also be running a large database, then you would also look for the server speed and database performance as well. Again, you can read user's review on different websites or read what they say about it on their website.


How much security the web host offers you to your web site files, to your database is very important. Today, having tight security is very important to protect at regular malware attacks. Most web hosts offer great security and some even offer additional security services with a small extra charge, which you can opt for if you think you need extra layer of security.

The different web hosts I have used in the past; I have had only one security incident that effected my one website. But this can be expected in a service use of 10 years! To know how much security, the web host is offering, see their website and read what they say about their security.


Nowadays, web hosting prices that many web hosting companies are offering are very similar to each other. So, it is not really important to choose a web host that is maybe $.50 - $1.00 a month cheaper or costlier. Yes, there are some web hosts that have much higher prices than the most of the other ones, it is because their services are suitable mainly for extra-large websites such as, So, obviously, you don't need to buy such a service, unless you're going to publish such a big website, are you? If you are, then I recommend one of the top hosting providers that offer top-notch cloud hosting, it is Cloudways.

The web host that I recommended above - Web Hosting Pad - their packages are also good. If you purchase hosting for 3 or more years, the price will go down much. With 5 year of purchase, the hosting price comes down to just $1.99 a month.

Other Factors to Consider

There are other things that you may want to look for in a good web host include location of the server, area of web host's  specialization. These don't matter much. The server could be anywhere in the world and it will work the same way. Some people just prefer the server be in the same country where they are but as I said it doesn’t matter. With regard to area of specialization, almost every average and above average host specialize in many things - enough to cater for all types of web hosting needs. So these kinds of things do not matter.


These are the metrics you should look for when choosing a web hosting service. When you are confused, just go for what someone is already using and hear their opinion. I recommend Web Hosting Pad and JustHost as the best hosting service and the reliable web hosting, and you can see their websites here and here.


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Find Out How You Can Send Massive Organic Traffic To Your Website

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Do you want to increase your website rank and position in Google search results? And you want to know how to increase traffic to your website so that it would rank higher? Look no further. Learn about this top tried way and increase website traffic fast. 

Why Do You Need to Send Massive Traffic to Your Website?

Why would you need to send traffic to your website? The reason to do this is because you want to increase your website ranking in Google search as Google ranks higher in search result the websites that have more traffic going into (This is one of the criterias Google uses to rank websites though)

The more and frequent the traffic going to your website, better the ranking, better the position in google search result.

How to Do it?

Have you tried off-site SEO and on-site SEO but that isn't bringing expected traffic to your website? Then you need to pay for services that will drive huge traffic to your website in a few hours (you can keep sending traffic the whole month if you want)

Google looks at many parameters to rank your website, such as bounce rate, return rate, session time and more. Using this service, you can specify if you want some bounce rate %, how much duration per page-view, how many page-views per visit and some more parameters. This is great as you can make the traffic flow to your website look like as real as possible to Google.

If you want to send massive organic traffic to your website, traffic that Google wouldn't mind coming to your site, then i am going to recommend you, as per my experience, the service, called Sparktraffic.  Look at the screenshot of my Analytics account. When i ran the Sparktraffic service, after about 10 mins, i had 473 active users simultaneously on my website. Usually, I get about 2-3 users visiting my site at the same time. 

You can sign up and try free for 2 hours. Add as many websites as you want, and you will see the traffic flow to the websites right away. You can open Google analytics (if you've integrated with your website) and go to the Realtime option and you will see live traffic coming to your website.

Sparktraffic has many packages to suit your needs. Click the Sparktraffic banner below to go straight to this service and start a traffic sending project now.

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