No doubt, Facebook has changed our lives. Facebook has changed our lives in many ways, such as:

1. Facebook Has Changed How We Express Ourselves

Before Facebook, people would wear good clothes when going out of their homes so that they would look good to others. In parties and gatherings, people would make sure they look great, they could impress others and share with others about what they possess.

Now, since the coming of Facebook, people have started expressing themselves online. They share their photos with others. And since, sharing is easy and quick, many people could share they daily routine lives with others, letting people know how they are spending their weekends, what mood they are in, how their relationships are going, what they are possessing, where they are going on holidays, what their ideas are about others - hence they now have unlimited ways to express themselves and extended list of people they can reach to tell about themselves.

2. Facebook Has Changed How People Make Invitations

People no longer rely totally on sending cards or letters to friends and family members. Instead, to invite them on a party or wedding or any other function, they post a message on their timeline letting others know all the details of the invitation.

3. Facebook Has Changed What People Do Before Going to Sleep and After They Wake Up

A large number of Facebook users have a daily routine of using Facebook immediately after waking up and before going to sleep. Spending 30-60 minutes is very usual. This has changed how people used to spend time on the bed - instead of spending time with your sibling or friends or family chit chatting and enjoying, people now spend that precious time navigating through their Facebook timeline and other pages and people's photos.

4. Facebook Has Changed How We Read News

According to various surveys, over 70% of people between the age of 20 and 25 and over 30% overall get to read latest news on Facebook.

Gone are the days when people used to listen to the news on radio or watch news channels to learn about the latest happenings in the world - now all kind of news are shared and read by a large number of people on Facebook.

5. Facebook has Changed How People Do Business

Now with the option of creating Business Pages and Groups, more and more businesses are now selling their products and services through Facebook. It is not only free to use Facebook's Pages and Groups services, these features also allow businesses to reach millions of people easily, online.

6. Facebook Has Changed How People Interact With Each Other

Facebook allows people to interact with others in many ways. People interact with friends and family by commenting on their posts, by chatting, by writing on their Timeline. These several ways of interaction with others has helped friends and families stay in touch with others more easily, since one not always find it comfortable contacting someone only on a phone call or even with SMS.

7. Facebook Has Changed How People Spend Time When in a Bad Mood

Facebook has a large variety of content for people to browse. From jokes pages to celebrity personal fan page, from funny videos to games. Nowadays, since Facebook users tend to use Facebook many times a day, this habit also allows them to open Facebook and enjoy its content whenever they are in a bad mood. It can be said that Facebook is a boredom killer, it is also something that lets you kill your time when you have nothing else to do. Find out more what you can do on Facebook when in a bad mood, here.

Facebook has changed our lives in many ways, as we learnt above. Share your opinion about Facebook in the comments box below, telling how Facebook has impacted your life.

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