Adobe Photoshop New Features. September 2020 Version

Adobe has released Photoshop another new version, September 2020. The version number is 21.2.3. This latest Adobe Photoshop version has the following new features and improvements.

Portrait Selection

Now, Photoshop has enhanced 'Select Subject' feature for accurate selection of people's faces, with a single click. We could select a subject before too but often some area outside the subject was also selected. Adobe has incorporated better code for precise detection and selection of the subject.

Adobe Camera Raw Workspace

This new version of Photoshop has placed tools right where you wished them to be, allowing you to edit more easily and efficiently.

Rotatable Patterns

Using a new rotating line, now you can more easily add rotation to any pattern or change the existing orientation, in Pattern Fill Layers and Overlays.

More Fonts

Whenever you open a new Photoshop document, the software will find new fonts and make them available for you to use.

Improved Font Matching

With the enhanced font detection feature, the software now can accurately select existing fonts even from a vertical text or multiple-line text.

Better Object Selection Tool

Now the software offers improved object selection. Whether it is a car, camera, an animal, the Object Selection tool very accurately selects the subject when you simply draw a rectangle region around the object.

Select and Mask Workspace

The Smooth and Shift Edge tools have been enhanced and hence you will notice significant improvement of performance when applying these controls on HD images.

New Photoshop Features for Photoshop on iPad

Free Canvas Rotation

By using two fingers, now you can quickly rotate the canvas to the direction that is more convenient to you.

Refine Edge

You can now capture fine details at the edges of your selections, such as fur, hair or other tricky edges of your subject.

Where to Buy Latest Photoshop Software

Old and new versions of Adobe Photoshop are available for purchase on Check the product listing here.

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