Top 6 Benefits of Facebook to Senior Citizens

There are many benefits of Facebook to elderly people. Here are the top 6 benefits:

1. Stay in Touch with Kids

You might have kids working in another part of the world. By using Facebook you can see thier routine activities that they share and also communicate with them through Facebook.

2. Learn Something New

You are able to search through millions of Facebook pages dedicated to a vast number of topics such as science, medicine, technology, computers, space, health and much much more.

3. Get Involved in Discussion of Interest

You can get involved in discussion that happen daily on different topics. It might be a discussion on someone's personal timeline, a business page, or a group where they can participate, give their input and listen to other's opinions.

3. Kill the Time

Facebook is a great tool to kill your time, and that too in a productive manner. By browsing information such as business information, latest news, entertainment i.e jokes, or other comedy, and more, you can easily pass your time on something good.

4. Entertainment

There are tons of games of all types available on Facebook that a senior citizen may like to play for fun. In addition to that, there are videos and songs that can also be enjoyed at any time.

5. Grow a Business

You can use Facebook Ads to market your product or services. This can be done right from your home. And since Facebook marketing has been proven to be very effective, this will surely give you results.

6. Share with Others

Posts on Facebook have tendency to spread around the world like a virus. So, Facebook gives you opportunity to share anything that you want others to get benefit from. You may share your past experience, share tips, pictures or videos, helping, teaching, acquainting others with something you share.


Hence, Facebook is like a "one-stop-shop" for seniors where they can do lots of different kinds of things for their enjoyment, to pass their time, to interact with others, and for many other good reasons as mentioned above.

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