Advantages of Facebook

Facebook offers many advantages to its users. Its benefits are for young and adult alike. At Facebook, you can do huge number of things like chatting, posting media and comments, do business, sell things, join a group of interest to interact with people and many more things like that.  I explained earlier the top disadvantages of Facebook here and top dangers of Facebook here. Now let us read on and find out the top advantages of using Facebook.

1. Information Sharing

Facebook allows us to share content with friends and family, colleagues and others what you desire to share like your photos, your opinion, your videos, concern, question, etc. You can also ask public opinion, create a poll. You can control which of your information you want to share with others. You can also choose who you want to follow to see his information that he/she shares. Hence, there is a lot of data that you can view of your interest on daily basis.

2. Chatting (Text, Audio & Video)

Another advantage of Facebook is that you can use it to chat with your friends, too. Facebook provides a simple, small chatting application that you can use to chat with your friends who you are friends on Facebook. You can video talk with them ans drop them an audio message. Not just that, you can come live on Facebook and be visible to all your Facebook friends or people in the group that you have joined. Many people including students and businesses use Facebook for group discussions, or short meetings as well.

3. Mobile Facebook

Whatever you can do at Facebook, you can also do that from your Facebook app on your mobile phone. So, you can update status, comment and do many things even from your cell phone while at home, office or while on the road.

4. Find School, College Friendship or Colleague

Today almost every internet user uses Facebook. Using Facebook you can find your old friends and colleagues whom you have lost contact and connect with them online again. Many many people, with Facebook search or by viewing list of people on Facebook, have found their old school fellow, and friends. Facebook's friend finder feature allows you to find your friends with their names or email addresses. 

Addition to the Friend Finder feature, Facebook also regularly shows you at side of your Facebook profile list of people who you may know. Facebook users have also found several of their acquaintances through this.  So it's really amazing. People who you think you can never find or meet again, you surprisingly find them on Facebook and re-connect! 

5. Business Promotion

Through Facebook Ads, you can advertise your business. Facebook offers a very customizable ads placement service, which is also very easy to use and cost effective. Facebook Ads allows you to target people of specific age, geographic location, interests, etc, making your ads most useful and effective.

6. Entertainment

One of the main Facebook advantages is that it provides tons of gaming and other entertaining applications. Some people open Facebook only to play games. Besides games, there are tons of Facebook apps that you can use and enjoy. Furthermore, there are hundreds of Facebook pages where you will find funny videos and pictures to enjoy at a daily basis. Apps on Facebook are of variety of type such as photo editing, horoscope, puzzles, stock analysis etc.

7. Boredom Killer

Facebook proves itself to be a boredom killer, especially for students during vacations and even elderly people who are retired from their job. You may like to read what to do at Facebook when in a bad mood. Be aware, that Facebook is addicted, and people easily get addicted to it. Read about Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) to know more about Facebook addiction.

So, What are the Advantages of Facebook -  in Final Words

As we have learnt above, Facebook is a one-stop shop for entertainment, communication, business and information sharing with others. It's a place where you can chat with others, share your ideas, ask questions, comment on people's status, add your status, make friends, market your business, advertise and much more. You will not find any one-stop shop of this kind on the internet.

So these are the top benefits of Facebook, also recommended for you to read more about Facebook:

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