Facebook advertising has many benefits. As you might know there are over 900 million users of Facebook. By creating a Facebook ad you can target these people, you can also specify which age group you want to target, which gender, from which country and there are many other customization options you are provided while create a Facebook ad.

In this article I will describe to you How to Create an Ad on Facebook.

Step 1: At the bottom-right side of your Facebook profile page, click on Create an Ad, a new page opens.

Step 2: At the right-side of the page, click on the green Create an Ad button.

Step 3: On the next page, follow the very simple on-screen instructions, to fill in the ad options such as destination URL when the ad will be clicked, ad text, ad image. You will also specify your target audience, i.e you can specify people from which country can see you ad, you can specify age group, gender, you can filter people by their interest. You can also specify your ad's daily budget, and bid rate, which means the amount of money you are willing to pay for each ad clicks. Remember the more rate you set, the more the chances are of you are getting displayed frequently. Since many other people also create ads, those who set the higher ad rate, their ad shows up more frequently

Step 4: Once you have done with all the above-mentioned options, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Review Ad You will be shown a preview of your ad. Here, click Edit Ad if you want to make any changes to the ad, or click 'place order' to confirm your ad.

Step 5: You will be shown options for making payments for your ad. You will not be charged anything at this point. You can choose credit card, paypal, or direct debit for payments. Once your ad runs and it's cost reaches $10 or more, you will be charged. Payment is taken automatically by the payment method you chose in the previous step.

That is it. This is how to create a Facebook Ad. Now, the Facebook team will review your ad, and if they find everything OK in it, the ad will start running. And once the ad is approved, you will also have an option to specify during which period you want to run your ad. This way you can control your ad how you like it.

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