What Plastic Bags are Made of | How They are Made

What Plastic Bags are Made of?

Plastic is made from natural resources such as oil, minerals, gas and coal. However, today mostly plastic bags are made from crude oil and gas.  When these natural products are combined together and processed, plastic is produced.

Other things added in manufacturing of plastic include bacteria, light, heat, color. To create a particular shape from plastic, the materials are molded, fabricated, spun.

The Plastic Bag Manufacturing Process

The plastic manufacturing process involves lighting up fire of about 500 degrees F and melting the plastic with it. The molten plastic goes into a machine where its thickness and shape is determined. After this happens, the shaped plastic is put in the outside air to cool down. 

Once this is done, the plastic bag is sealed from one side then handles are cut, any finally any logos, designs are added to the bag.

Generally, thousands of plastic bags are made in a minute, since the process is very simple and fast.

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