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Personal Review of


This is a personal review for this hosting serviceand here I will give you information that will help you decide whether to choose this company or not.

I have been using this service for more than 9 years and I have hosted 10 websites with them. Hence, you can understand that I must have interacted with them many times, and I must know a lot about the service performance, customer service and technical support. So read on and find out about webhostingpad.


If compared with host of other hosting companies available, the webhostingpad is among the cheap ones. But it's not low quality! It is natural that whenever we hear the word 'cheap', we think the quality might also not be good. My honest opinion is that it is cheaper than most hosting service providers but at the same time offers you great experience overall.

You can hosting for as low as US$ 1.99/month (if purchased for 3 years or more together) or US$ 2.99/month (if purchased for lesser than 3 years)

Technical Assistance

Whenever I needed technical assistance, I found the staff highly and fully competent in just everything I consulted them for. If you need help about PHP, PHPMyAdmin, all configurations related to them, even CMS's including Joomla, Wordpress, settings in .htaccess, php.ini, etc.
I have had different requirements and complexities while setting up features for my websites and whenever I consulted them for anything, they were found fully aware of the technology and provided full help.

Customer Service

Their response time is excellent. Whenever I opened up a ticket with them or sent an email regarding hosting, billing or anything else, the average time I received reply in was 5 minutes! Their staff is customer oriented and is willing to help you to your satisfaction.

Webhostingpad Features

When you purchase hosting, you get cPanel platform for free where you can easily manage domains, databases, emails, CMS and all settings. You also get RVSitebuilder for free. You get 9.7GB of space per domain, and you can host unlimited number of websites, with free of cost increasable bandwidth.

Server Performance

The uptime you get for your websites is more than 99.5% every month. Whenever the service is down, the downtime did not last more than a minute. There have been 3-4 occasions in last nine years when services were down for some reason and the downtime lasted about 20 minutes. So, overall uptime that you get for your websites is great.

Decision Time

So webhostingpad is an A+ service. The above was my honest review and my recommendation is that you should use the services of So you're ready? Then go to the website of now and create your account now.

Now, i can also recommend another webhosting service from personal experience. It is Just Host. I have used their service for about 2 years and it was A+. See their website here

Webhostingpad review

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