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Gadgets Are Linked With Insomnia

A lack of proper sleep has been a problem for many people. But now with the advancement of gadgets and hand-held computers, sleeping patterns have been disturbed even more. A study carried out by the National Sleeping Foundation (NSF) found the number of people with insomnia at ever higher levels. 43% of the people, aged 13 to 64, questioned in the survey said they hardly ever got a full night's sleep on a weeknight. And 6 in 10 said they had sleeping problems every night or nearly every night.

Gadgets are the Culprits

The NSF also investigated the link between this insomnia and the usage of gadgets by questioning the people about their

Medical research has found that exposure to artificial light during the night suppresses the release of sleep inducing hormone melatonin which damages the usual sleeping pattern. Continuous usage of laptops or Smartphones is could be responsible for this exposure. As a result, it becomes difficult to find sleep even if you are lying in bed and trying to doze off. The intrusion of technologies in the bedroom could be responsible for ever increasing irregular sleeping patterns. usage of Smartphones and computers before sleeping hours. It was found that 95% of the people use computers, televisions or Smartphones in the hour before bed. 60% of the people said that they regularly use laptops in the hour before sleep.

The Double-Whammy

So what do people do when they just cannot find sleep? They resort to using their Smartphones again just to pass time by listening to music or playing games. This in turn makes it even more difficult to find sleep. This is a trap that needs to be stopped from the beginning.

The healthiest thing for your sleeping pattern would be to turn off all your gadgets an hour before sleep. Turning off the wifi device could be really helpful too. Listening to soft music or reading a book is okay. With time you will start to notice that you will start to find sleep at the right times. A proper night's sleep is essential for you to be most productive the next day. don't let gadgets come in you

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