Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones and these are listed below.

Advantages of Smartphones

  • Most smart phones fit easily in your pant or shirt pocket. Hence, you can carry your all-in-one device for emailing, playing, telephoning, Facebooking, etc., in your pocket all the time.

  • No matter what you want to do, applications of all kinds are available for download for free or for low prices.

  • You can use your Smartphone as a storage device. You can copy or download your office or personal files onto your phone and access them with a USB cable or wirelessly anytime.

  • Smartphones are instantly ready for you. No matter which app you want to you e.g. email, Facebook, chatting or any other, you just unlock your screen and open the app by clicking on it, and it opens right away. Unlike a computer, where you have to wait for the operating system (i.e. Windows or Mac OS) to load first before you can do anything else.

  • Much cheaper option than a desktop or laptop computer

Disadvantages of Smartphones

  • Smartphones let you watch multimedia but the size of the screen may be not large enough to watch videos conveniently.

  • These are not suitable for heavy work or very fast processing.

  • Memory in most smartphones is not enough to hold large bulk of data.

  • If you lose your smartphone, the stranger who gets hold of it can see your emails, WhatsApp chats, your photos, your Facebook data and any other thing that is on your Smartphone.

  • These were the Smartphones Advantages and Smartphones Disadvantages. Do you want to share an advantage or disadvantage of smartphones? You may do so in the comments section below.
These were disadvantages and advantages of Smartphones.
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