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Adobe Spark Features and Pros Cons

What is Adobe Spark ?

Adobe Spark is a collection of applications that run online and on smartphones, which let you quickly create videos, web pages, social graphics and presentations. When you use it Spark online, all the features are available in a single window but on the mobile phone, there are three different applications for creating a web page, video and a post for social media.

Adobe Spark is very easy to use and is a great choice for publishers, YouTubers, bloggers, individuals as well as small businesses to quickly and easily create visual stuff as per their needs.

What Can You Do Using Adobe Spark ?

  • You can create a banner for your Facebook page or your website for example. Or you can create a beautiful a flyer or invitation cards.

  • You create small videos for your YouTube channel.

  • You create simple yet beautiful web pages for your website. You can do so without needing to know any programming skills.

  • You can create logos.

Adobe Spark Main Features


There are tons of layouts, colors that you can use to fit your needs.


The software provides you with access to thousands of free and paid images to use in your multimedia work.


There are lots of fonts that can be used for every purpose.

Responsive Design

Whatever you create in Adobe Spark online is automatically optimized for best view in mobile phones.

Sharing Option

After creating your work, you can quickly share it through email or social media

Synced Activity

You can use Spark on mobile or online and your work will remain synced all the time.

Pros of Adobe Spark

  • You can use it both on the web and on mobile phone and your work syncs between the devices.

  • It is easy to use for anyone who has a basic knowledge of using computers and common apps. Furthermore, compared to other Adobe products like Dreamweaver, Premiere, etc, Adobe Spark is much more user friendly and easier to use.

  • It lets you choose from thousands of free graphics to use in your work.

Cons of Adobe Spark

  • In free version of Adobe Spark, the videos and pages have Spark branding.

  • Videos can only be 30 seconds long.

  • Adobe Spark app in Android gives you access to graphic creator only.

  • There is no functionality to create e-commerce website.

  • The free trial of Adobe Spark does not include all the premium version features.

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