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Free Project Management Software

Free Project Management Software

Here is a list of some of the top free project management software applications that is the need of every organization nowadays.


The first product in the list of free project management software is Trello. This software is developed on Agile methodology. It allows you to create boards that are used in Agile such as To do tasks, Doing and Done tasks. Each board can be assigned to multiple users and they can be developers, testers, managers or others.

Tasks in the cards can have attachments, checklists and direct link to the card can also be shared to someone via email or chat apps, for instance. Notifications feature of Trello allows you to automatically send email notifications once a task is moved to a certain board.

Trello is easy to use and whether your company is following Agile or not, it is a very good free project management software online, which is very useful for any industry, be it IT, civil, Oil&Gas or others. Trello is also available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users.


If you like spreadsheets, you will like Wrike too. Wrike spreadsheet-like interface and you can have multiple columns and rows just like in Excel. You can name columns anything like Task name, start date, finish date, etc. In the columns, you can also set status of your tasks graphically with yellow, green and red colors.

Wrike also has Gantt chart that is a graphical representation of start and finish dates of the tasks in your project. In addition, Wrike allows seamless communication between the users. On every task that you have created, your team can have discussions on that right in the software. Users can attach images and provide their feedback easily.


With Airtable, you can create tasks, specify their duration and assign them to resources. Airtable is a very customizable free project management software. It allows you to customize fields, column headers, user views and more. In addition, Airtable also comes with many templates that you can use to suit your needs. If you need to attach heavy documents, you can attach files from 2 GB up to 1000 GB of size (size vary depending on free and paid version of the software).


Goodday free project management software allows you to use tools of a number of methodologies such as Waterfall, Scrum and Kanban. One of the simplified features of the software is its Summary tab, which gives an overview of tasks, users, events and even the burn down of the effort or cost. There is also a view called My Work where you can see your tasks and projects that are assigned to you. There is a very nice analytic, resource, task, project and time management views that help you keep a good track on your project


If you like working with Gantt charts, this would be the wonderful free project management software option for you. Using TeamGantt, you can invite your resources and even clients to collaborate with you on the gantt chart. Other than Gantt chart, you can also add documents, images to the chart to keep everything at one place for quick user view. There is also a PDF and Excel export option to let you keep a copy or backup of your project on your PC.

TeamGantt users often give opinion of TeamGantt to be very similar to MS Project. Since MS Project is easy to use and famous project management software, people like TeamGantt too because of its similarities with MS Project.


Kintone offers a simple interface with the visibility of the tasks information. You can create workflows for the tasks using process management tools that are provided by the software. If you want to set reminders for tasks, you can set them too. If you want, you can also create customized timetable for each user working on the project. With nice and simple graphical reports, you can analyze the project health quickly.


This is another free project management software that offers plenty of features to its users. The list of features you will find in Bitrix24 include employee directory, time tracking, gantt chart, kanban board, calendars and more. In addition, the software is very customizable. For instance, you can customize menus, fonts, text colors and more. It's a good software for any size of teams that wants to manage their projects online.


With Freedcamp, you can create a task list, sub tasks, gantt chart and Kanban board. When creating tasks, you can also add milestones, which are the major activities in the project to highlight project's major work to complete. In addition, there is a discuss feature that allows participants to add their feedback and discuss anything with other users. Freedcamp is available for use online, at your Windows desktop and on App Store and Google Play


The last in the list of free project management software options is Todoist. As the name suggests, with Todoist, you can create a to do list. In addition, you can create weekly or monthly goals. The software offers easy interface and simple to use features like drag and drop. If you have a list of tasks to do and dont want to add detailed information about your project like resources, calendars, etc, then this is a very good choice for you.

This was a list of free project management software. Though these free project management software applications are available for anyone to use without making any payment, many of them also have paid version that come with additional features. Paying for additional features wouldn't be necessary for many project users though since the free versions already comes with many useful features.

Other than these free project management software applications, you will find more options if you search on the Internet but most of them will have similar features. So look at the list of free project management software options given above and you will surely find the one that you are looking for.

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