If you ever try to install Windows from a USB/pen drive and get error "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing", do not worry.  There are many solutions offered on the Internet but they require long tasks to be performed or perhaps require you to have technical expertise.

The solution the problem I am going to present here works absolutely perfectly and quickest and easiest to implement:

1. Restart your computer and go to the computer BIOS screen. As soon as computer begins to restart, press either Esc key, F2, F1 or F12 key - it varies with different computer brands.

2. In the BIOS setup screen, find and enable this option "USB 3.0 Configuration in Pre-OS"

3. Save and Exit the BIOS set up screen. Now try to run the Windows set up from your USB drive again. You will no longer see the error message and Windows installation will continue as normal. Enjoy!