There are many harmful effects of video game addition. In this article, I will mention the available treatment options for video game addiction:

Family therapies

This includes thinking of strategies to help the family member overcome game addiction. Family therapy is more suitable when the game addict is a child. In family therapy, the parents or siblings or other close family member tries to increase family interactions and gatherings, which in turn don't give enough opportunity to the gamer to spend more time in games. And if the family interactions are made dynamic and likeable by the gamer, he/she would be inclined more to spend time with the family in family sittings, dinings, outings, etc.

Video game addiction treatment centers

These centers offer programs to help the addicts overcome addiction. These programs are administered by mental health specialists. In USA and South Korea, these centers are easily found, and are very costly also.

Wilderness therapy

This involves completely isolating the gamer from the gaming environments. Video games, friends who are very much into gaming, videos, postures, and all other such things that make one think about a game, its theme or characters are kept away from the addict.

One to one counselling with a psychotherapist

Psychologists are easy to find and they can help the game addict in different ways overcome his addiction.


There are many books and online material available offering self-help

These are the treatment available for video game addiction. We have all heard that prevention is better than cure. So, the parents and the gamer should both ensure that games are played within limits. Anything done excessively has bad effects on us. 

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