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How To Cure Love Sickness - Useful Tips

Are you feeling blue because of love? That is quite a common problem but fortunately like most ailments it could be cured. There is certainly no medicine for lovesickness but adapting some habits and introducing some changes to life can make the pain eventually go away and bring you back to normal life. Being left alone after love is called lovesickness.  In this article, I share with you useful tips that you can follow to get cure from love sickness.

Refresh Your Environment

Feeling sick about lost love is basically due to memories we have made with them. It is very hard to shed away memories and thoughts about someone you've been so close to. But it could be escalated by taking some measures. Try to get rid of them from your environment. Give away the gifts or things you bought together. Delete or put away the photos from your computer. Discard the mails and text messages. Remove them from your social media. Get rid of anything and everything about them that rekindles the thoughts and memories.

Take Care of Yourself

One of the major side effects of lovesickness is change in the appetite of a person. It is definitely hard to eat when you feel anorexic or stop eating if you feel bulimic, but it is possible to control your eating with positive willpower. Stay strong and eat properly.

Most people confide to their rooms to mourn their breakups or unsuccessful relationships. This is not the way to go. This will only fill your empty head with useless thoughts related to what-ifs and whys. don't become idle!

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Make yourself busy

Divert your attention and start doing something new or at least something that would distract you from the pain of love. Indulge into a sports activity or start reading a book. Join a club and meet people. Find a goal in life and put all your energies into achieving that goal.

Be hopeful and look for new friendships

It is important to move on in life. If something didn't work out, it is not right to stop being hopeful about life. Meet people and if someone is interested, give them a chance. It is totally stupid to avoid opportunities due to the fear of past failures. You never know what good the life might offer.

One chapter of your life has closed. Now there is room for new opportunities, experiences and people.

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How to Look Good on TV: Top Tips

Looking good on TV is not difficult as long as you know a few key things. The difference between real life and the TV screen is that the TV screen fits a three dimensional world into a flat two dimensional picture. As the picture on a TV screen is flat, depths are actually an illusion. Making the depths work in your favor can greatly enhance your TV beauty.

Lighting Effects

The most important single thing which influences TV pictures is light effects. To have the best pictures, the brightest light called the Key Light needs to be in your face. If the shooting is being done outdoors, then the brightest light is the sun. If the bright light is somewhere else, then the focus will not be on you and there will be annoying shadows greatly reducing the attractiveness of the pictures. A second important light is the Back Light which is a lot less bright than the Key Light. It is usually placed behind the main object. Its purpose is to define the outlines and make them clear. It is especially important when the background is dull. Other lights called Fill Lights are also often used to get rid of shadows or to focus on something specific. The better the light effects, the better you will look on TV. So it is really important to get the lights right.

Best Camera Shot

You will also have to work out which camera shot suits you the best. Some people look great with full body shots while others look better with a shoulders-up shot. The 3/4 shot from the head to below the hips is the most unprofessional shot and gives the poorest pictures.

Looking 3D

Another trick for looking good is to use the depth illusion work in your favor. The straight on shots make you look flat. This can be countered by standing at an angle. It is all a simple matter of taking a step forward with one of your feet and keeping the other in its initial position. You will look more dynamic, real and three dimensional using this angle.


Using appropriate make-up is important too. Bright lights used in most TV shootings wear out the skin which makes it look shiny and pale. This can be countered by using suitable make-up. Make-up can also be used to make your facial features more prominent.

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Why Studying Harder Doesn't Always Guarantee Better Grades

There is always that kid in the class who gets excellent grades without ever seemingly working that hard. And there is also another kid in the class who always seems to be working ever so hard without managing decent results. So what is the reason behind this incidental lack of correlation between studies and results?

A Lack of Methodology

The first reason, in my opinion, for working hard and not getting results is a lack of methodology. There is always this smart way of studying. The most important part of the syllabus (with an exam perspective) must be given time accordingly. Judging this is a talent too that not everyone possesses. Some people naturally study smartly which always gives them the edge when producing results. Similarly, if you do not understand some topic, then consulting someone and taking their help is a far better option than sitting and poring over it for hours. It saves time and makes sure you have the time to focus on other topics too.

Test Solving Skills

Showing what you know on the exam day is another rare skill. It is a critical link in the chain to success and it is a skill which is not easy to teach either. There is this perfect way to tackle each question and a smart way to tackle those whose answers you can only guess.

Confidence on Exam Day

Confidence is another important factor in exam performance. A positive mindset on exam day can take you a lot further than you think it can and a confident mind makes sure you do not make silly mistakes. Things like this make sure that you can get the best grades for the same level of hard work. Most of the over-performing students have perfected this art and it sets them apart from other students of the same level of preparation.

These are some of the things that can turn you from an average student into an over-performing one without putting in those extra hours.

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Answering: Why Do We Forget Dreams

Dreams are strange. It is one of those phenomena that are still almost incomprehensible for man even in this age of science. Yet they keep on mesmerizing us each day with the amazing and powerful visions.

The Frequency of Dreaming

Everybody gets dreams at night. Men, women, children and even infants. But many people claim that they don't get dreams; it is not so, they just forget them. Healthy people usually have more than one dream at night; the duration could be roughly 5-20 minutes. Some researchers say that we spend approximately 6 years.

of our lives while dreaming.

Human brain is an extremely powerful machine. We have millions of thoughts during a day but we remember only a fraction of them. It is because our brain is smart enough to segregate the important material from the useless stuff. The thoughts that are remembered have significance in life, such as an exam, a date or a meeting. Just the same way, our brain tends to delete the unimportant stuff.

Why we Remember Some Dreams

With the general pattern of forgetting the dreams, we still capture the memory of some dreams and they seem very vivid and clear in our memory. It is suggested that a strong or impactful dream would increase the brain activity and hence the memory starts playing the role. That is why we often wake us after a strong dream.

Why We Forget Dreams?

While sleeping, most part of our brain is at rest i.e. not working. Studies have suggested that while sleeping, the hormone nor epinephrine is not present in the cerebral cortex; this hormone is essential for memory, thought, language and consciousness. Due to this reason, we dream and when we wake up, the memory of them is completely wiped off our minds.

Dreams are complex stuff. Many people have studied them with zeal, but each of the theories is still not solid proof of what happens in our brains while we are asleep. This is because brain is the most complex human organ.

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