Gold jewellery is the most loved possession of a woman. Jewellery shops are loaded with various items but gold chains are the popular, convenient ones to buy. Gold chains come in various styles and can be used with various attires. Whatever way you use it, it is bound to add elegance and style to the personality.

What are Gold Curb Chains?

Gold curb chains rank among the most popular styles of gold chains. It is a uniquely designed flat link chain that has rounded edges with interlocking

Curb chains are used with curb bits, in this c...

Curb chains are used with curb bits, in this case on an English bridle. Chain must lay flat against the jaw under USEF rules and those of most other organizations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

links that give the chain a graceful yet heavy look with a rounded appearance. It can be ranged for bold big designs to small and delicate depending on the customer’s choice.

Gold curb chains are made from many types of gold alloys. If you want it at affordable rates it can be modified using a single coating of gold on an inexpensive metal but the gold coating has to thick so that it doesn’t fade away soon, add durability and does not expose the metal underneath. In order to find a gold curb that suits you well you should know where and when you want to wear it. For instance, if you want to wear gold curb chain on daily basis it’s better to choose a durable solid gold design. If you are allergic to certain metals then wear something with a higher volume of gold in it like 18K or 22K. So, if you are confused at finding the right curb chain for yourself Google it out. There is a huge variety of designs available on the internet with complete product details, images and prices that will surely help you make the right buying decision.

Will Gold Curb Chain Suit You?

As a general rule, women with thin, long necks look elegant in wearing a necklace that fits well to the neck like choker designs and delicate necklines so any size of gold curb chain will suit them but for those with fat, rounded, short necks, you should avoid neck fitting jewellery as it will make you look more stuffed. Rather, choose long delicate curb chains with or without pendants. Such styles will not only make you look thinner but will also clearly define the beauty of the chain you wear.

Curb chains have been most popular in the hip hop community. However it truly is a beautifully created accessory that is a “must” have for woman of all ages, culture and personalities.