Positive parenting is a technique invented by psychologists to help parents connect with their children in a unique affectionate manner. Positive parenting is focused at empathy and understandability, communication and discipline strategies rather than just go with the flow kind of attitude. In order to be a positive parent one needs to invest in a lot of patience and common sense. You need to think before you act on any miss doing that the child commits and not just think but think from the child's perspective.

Being human beings, parents can also make mistakes like children but as a parent you are responsible for building good behaviors in your children. Children are like monkeys, they observe you and then repeat your actions, words and gestures so when spending time with them be sure to be at your best behavior.

Positive parenting talks about being positive even when you train manners and discipline to your children and no matter what mood you are in your child wants parent to remain patient and handle it. As positive parents you need to:

  • Keep the communication flow on a 24 hour service pattern. Listen to them, talk to them, laugh with them but don't cry with them. When children cry you need to change your role from a parent to mother Teresa and show all your love and affection to help your child gain confidence in you and talk out his problem to you.

  • Make an effort to discipline your child positively. As a human nature orders and force is not welcomed so rather than being a strict ordering parent try using a convincing, requesting tone for ordering like' Sweet heart can you help mom clean your toys away'. A positive attitude in speaking will show your love and your child will respond in the desired way.

  • Try to fight negative behaviors positively and use disagreements as a time to negotiate rather than punish. Set clear rules for misbehaving. Tell your kid that if he misbehaves he will make you sad and you will go away or that he will have to bear a punishment. Talk it out calmly and try to tell the child the benefits of listening to the parents. Find some good solutions that the child gets attracted to, like behaving will lead to an ice-cream after dinner or a weekend picnic etc.

  • Now if your child has completely stopped listening to you then the best practice is to sit on your knees and hold the child with his shoulders firmly, make an eye contact and then request in a firm tone but with words like please, thank you, sweetheart etc. Keep doing this till the child starts responding and if his response is according to what you want praise him, give him a hug or say thank you with a smile etc.

  • Praising your child is a must to do. Find options to praise your child like when he finishes his food, when he washes his hands himself, when he completes a given task, when he obeys you, when he performs well etc. There are ample opportunities in a day for praising you just need to figure them out.

Children are the most important asset for any parents and you should be able to tell them this fact. Being positive is the keyword to work with. Positive parenting is not rocket science but a common sense technique that works well in almost all situations. I have tried it and now it's your turn.

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