Pakistan is not what most people think how and what it is. It is one of the most underestimated countries. What most people think about Pakistan is totally on contrary to the reality. Just read some facts about Pakistan and decide yourself and comment below also whether Pakistan is really how you or other people always think it is?

Financial Assets

    • Pakistan is the 25th largest economy in the world. Out of 196 countries in the world, being 26th largest economy is not a little thing. This leaves anyone to stop doubting Pakistan anymore, however if you still have negative thoughts about Pakistan, read on ...

    • Pakistan is in Next Eleven - the list of eleven countries that have potential to become one of the world's large economies in 21st century. 

    • Pakistan Stock Exchange is among the world's best performing stock markets. Furthermore, Karachi Stock Exchange is the best performing market in the entire world

    • World's 20th largest and proven coal reserves are in Pakistan
    • Pakistan has world's 3rd (Biafo Glacier), 5th (Baltoro Glacier) and 7th (Batura) largest glacier.

    • Saindak & Reco Diq are places in Pakistan, which have world's largest gold mines.
    • Pakistan has world's 7th largest copper reserves.

    • Pakistan has world's 2nd largest salt mines - Khewra salt mine.

    • Pakistan is one of the top 5 freelancing countries. About 1 million freelancers in Pakistan work via Freelancer, oDesk and elance.


  • Pakistan has world's 2nd largest mountain, called K2. Pakistan also has 40 other mountains that come in the world's 100 largest mountains list.

  • Some of the earliest Stone Age artefact in the world, dating from 100000 to 500000 years ago are found surrounding Islamabad.
  • Pakistan enjoys all different kinds of weathers. Many areas of Pakistan gets both too much heat and also too much cold. Several cities have their temperature dropped up to -10 C, and on the other hand, several cities get heat of up to 51 C.

  • Pakistan is full of forts, waterfalls, culture, history, parks, lakes, rivers and archaeological sites, which are worth giving a visit. 


  • Pakistan Army is at no. 11 in the world in terms of military strength. 

  • Area wise, Pakistan is 34th largest country in the world.
  • Pakistan is the 3rd largest country by population in the world, where English is spoken as a second language.
  • Pakistan is the only nuclear power in the Muslim world.
  • Pakistan has world's 7th largest pool of engineers and scientists.
  • Pakistan has world's largest irrigation system.

  • World's largest ambulance service is in Pakistan, called Edhi.
  • Gwadar is world's largest deep sea port in the world.


  • Pakistan is world's 4th largest user of mobile phones.

  • Pakistan's national anthem is ranked no. 1 being the best national anthem in the world.

  • Pakistan has world's highest paved international road - Karakorum highway

These were Pakistan facts. Maybe you never knew Pakistan is not what you always thought. Pakistan, in reality is incredible more than what you've read about it here.

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