Uses of Facebook Search Feature That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Facebook Search is not used for a profile search only but for many other purposes too. Read on for many different great uses of Facebook search, which you might not be aware of yet.

1. Search for posts

Enter in a search box terms like 'photos of Adam with me', and it will show you all photo posts that have your and Adam's name in them. 

2. Search for a person with his/her email or contact number or name

You can enter in a search box any email address or contact number, and Facebook will show you the Facebook profile associated with that contact number/email address. Or simply enter person's name e.g. Harris John', you will see result for all 'Harris John' who have their profile on Facebook.

3. Search for posts or photos by a specific person 

Enter in Facebook search box terms like 'posts by Alena Sika' or 'posts by me', it will show you all posts by 'Alena Sika', or yourself.  

You can filter on posts as well when you enter the above-mentioned terms. For example, you may enter in search box 'posts by me "cars" ', and it will show you all your posts where you have mentioned the word 'cars'. Make sure to put 'cars or any other of your term in the search box in " " .

Another filter you can use is of the date. For example, enter in search box 'photos of Alena Sika from 2012', and you will only see photos shared by 'Alena Sika' in year 2012.

4. Search for things liked or done by someone

You can enter in Facebook search 'posts liked by 'Alena Sika', and it will show you all the posts that are liked by 'Alena Sika'.

You can also enter things that have been done, or being done by someone. For example, enter in search box 'my friends traveling to London', and you will see all your friends who traveled to London, with their travel detail.  Another example is 'my friends who work at London Heathrow Airport', and you will see all your friends who work at London Heathrow airport.

Note that Facebook isn't a magic thing, hence it will only show you specific search results, if your friends have ever mentioned about that thing in their timeline

5. Search for a business page for their services/product or contact detail

Enter in Facebook search box any business name like 'Hardees in London', the search result will show you the business page, which you can open to view all detail about the business.

6. Search for a specific type of business in an area.

If you want to search for barbers in London for example, enter in the search box 'Barbers in London', you will get list of all barbers in London. Note only those ones will show in the result who have create their profile on Facebook.

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