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Amazon Top Sellers: Nintendo

Amazon offers a large variety of stuff and delivers around the globe.  Amazon is one of the world's top online retailer that sells its stuff at a competitive prices.

You can buy what you are looking for, at Amazon, with confidence.  And if you are a Nintendo user, i recommend you to look at this Amazon's page for Nintendo's top seller items.  Here you can find everything related to Nintendo at a competitive price. 

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PlayStation Amazon Store: Checkout Top Selling Items

Amazon has a large variety of stuff and delivers them to your doorstep. Amazon is also one of the world's top online retailers that sells stuff at a competitive prices.

And if you are a PlayStation user, i recommend you to look at this PlayStation Top Seller Items Amazon's page for PlayStation top selling items. Here you can find everything related to PlayStation at competitive prices.

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How Helpful is is a very popular Q&A website on the internet. On Quora, you can ask questions about just anything you want. Other registered people on quora answer your questions. Once a question is posted, you can expect multiple answers from various people around the world to your question.

Expert Answers

Quora has experts from all industries hence you can expect answers from experienced professionals as well as those who are knowledgeable about the subject.

Personal Opinions

It is likely that many other people who use may have encountered the same problem as yours in their lifetime. Or probably they have come across the same question in their life and found the perfect answer to that. So as a result, they can give you a first-hand account of how they dealt with the problem or what answer they have found to the same question in their own research.

Related Questions

Quora displays related questions to your question at top-right of the window. The related questions are very much similar to yours so they are very helpful in looking at more or further related information.

Search Feature's search feature works very well and is very advanced once. Once anything is searched, the Quora search displays the relevant questions in the search box itself so it would be easy for you to look at relevant information. When you click Enter after entering your own search term, the search feature very intelligently displays all the relevant topics on the screen.

Best Answer

Best Answer: You can mark any answer as Best Answer, which helps other readers to look at the most relevant or perfect answer to the question.

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Cell Phones on Sale Clearance at Amazon: Complete List

Amazon has a large collection of stuff. You will find on Amazon almost everything you need.  Amazon is one of the top online retailers that sells items at a competitive prices. You can buy anything at Amazon with confidence.

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Introduction and Steps to Use Facebook New Rooms Feature

Alternative to Zoom, Webex and many others like these, Facebook has launched in May 2020 'Rooms'. With  Rooms, you can host video conference for office meeting, training or any other purpose with up to 50 persons.

Everyone nowadays use Facebook but even if someone doesn't have Facebook account, they can still join  others. They will receive a link that you have created to join and with they will join with ease.

The creator of the Room can choose who can join, who to remove from the meeting. The creator can also lock the room if he wants no more people to join. He can also share the Room in Facebook Groups, News Feed and Events so people can easily know about the meeting and join.

Presently, the Rooms feature is available in some countries but Facebook plans to roll it out in other countries soon.


The video link is currently not encrypted however any files shared between the participants is sent through encrypted channel. Facebook also ensures that the company will not eavesdrop any video call. How to host a video meeting with Room?

How to Use Rooms?


It is very simple. On your Windows running computer, open Facebook. At right side of the page, you see your contacts. You will see there a video camera icon. Click that. A new window will open. Select people who you want to join.

The other way to create room is to click on the create new post box on your Facebook page. Now click on  'Create Room' then select people who you want to join then share the room in your news feed or groups. Share the room link with those who don’t have Facebook.

Mobile App:

Open the Messenger application on your mobile phone. Click on the People tab at the bottom-right of your screen. Now click 'Create a Room' and select people who you want to join. Share the room link with people who don't have a Facebook account.

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