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Send Massive Traffic to Your Website - Top Tried Method

Do you want to increase your website rank and position in Google search results? And you want to know how to increase traffic to your website so that it would rank higher? Look no further. Learn about this top tried way and increase website traffic fast. 

Why Do You Need to Send Massive Traffic to Your Website?

Why would you need to send traffic to your website? The reason to do this is because you want to increase your website ranking in Google search as Google ranks higher in search result the websites that have more traffic going into (This is one of the criterias Google uses to rank websites though)

The more and frequent the traffic going to your website, better the ranking, better the position in google search result.

How to Do it?

Have you tried off-site SEO and on-site SEO but that isn't bringing expected traffic to your website? Then you need to pay for services that will drive huge traffic to your website in a few hours (you can keep sending traffic the whole month if you want)

Google looks at many parameters to rank your website, such as bounce rate, return rate, session time and more. Using this service, you can specify if you want some bounce rate %, how much duration per page-view, how many page-views per visit and some more parameters. This is great as you can make the traffic flow to your website look like as real as possible to Google.

If you want to send massive organic traffic to your website, traffic that Google wouldn't mind coming to your site, then i am going to recommend you, as per my experience, the service, called Sparktraffic.  Look at the screenshot of my Analytics account. When i ran the Sparktraffic service, after about 10 mins, i had 473 active users simultaneously on my website. Usually, I get about 2-3 users visiting my site at the same time. 

You can sign up and try free for 2 hours. Add as many websites as you want, and you will see the traffic flow to the websites right away. You can open Google analytics (if you've integrated with your website) and go to the Realtime option and you will see live traffic coming to your website.

Sparktraffic has many packages to suit your needs. Click the Sparktraffic banner below to go straight to this service and start a traffic sending project now.

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