Do you feel cold all the time? Do not worry, this is not a big problem. The following are the main reasons why you feel cold all the time.

1. Not Enough Fat

You lack the enough fat in your body to protect you from outside temperature. If you are dieting or neglecting proper diet intake, you are losing adequate level of fat from your body. Resultantly, your body can't create enough heat inside your body and the outside body temperature feels like very cold.

2. Not Good Thyroid

About 5% of Americans has a condition in which their thyroid doesn't secrete enough thyroid hormone. When this hormone isn't present in your body with enough amount, your metabolism slows down and consequently your body can not generate adequate heat. If you feel cost most of the time, you should see a doctor for a possible thyroid problem.

3. Not Enough Iron

Inadequate intake of iron is also a cause of feeling cold and this is one of the most common reasons for this problem. You can try getting rid of coldness by taking iron supplements or food that are rich in iron such as eggs, meat, seafood, spinach, etc.

4. Bad Blood Circulation

There are many reasons for this. One being heart disease. If there is a blockage in your heart or it isn't pumping blood effectively, your hands and feet will not get enough supply of blood and you will feel cold.

Other reasons for poor blood circulation include smoking, sitting down for long time, stress, etc.

5. Not Enough Sleep

Not taking enough sleep leads to weakening of the nervous system, which in some way affects your body temperature.

6. Not Enough Water

A major amount of a human body is water and it helps modulate body temperature. When there is inadequate water in your body, it becomes more sensitive to temperatures that are different than usual.

Water also warms up the body. Therefore, it is recommended to anyone to drink 8 glasses of water a day at minimum.

7. Not Enough Vitamin B12

Deficiency of vitamin B12 is also the cause of feeling cold all the time. You can recover vitamin B12 in your body by either taking vitamin B12 supplements or by eating meat and fish.

8. Diabetes

Higher sugar levels in blood is also a cause for feeling cold all the time. If you experience symptoms like frequent urination, tiredness, increased thirst, these may indicate that you have diabetes. It is a good idea to have your blood tested for sugar levels to see if you have diabetes or perhaps you are just suffering from low sugar levels due to bad diet.

These were the top reasons for feeling cold all the time. Hope you found this information useful.

Cookout Ideas

Healthy cookout ideas are something we all look for when it comes to arranging parties or having some gathering over as usually in our excitement of the party we tend to negate the healthy aspect of foods we select to be on the menu. This article gives you some cookout ideas for one you are planning forth.

When it comes to the cookout you are planning you have to ensure that the food you are planning to put on the menu does not result in any health disasters of your guests. This is seen quite widely is that usually on such a gathering and cookout quality and nutrition of the food is negated and fancy food is prepared. Here are a few cookout ideas that are hygienic, healthy and easy to prepare while curtailing in your very own budget.

Grilled Zucchini

When it comes to cookout and a party you are planning grilled food is the first food item to secure a prominent place on your cookout's menus. This is because grilled food is not only easy to cook and of course divine in tastes but also it adds t the feeling and the part ambiance of your place and especially your cookout. Foods like Grilled Zucchini roles accomplished with cheese and herbs are great for your cookout menu. They are great starters for the cookout evening since they contain fats and proteins which can successfully keep your guest away from hunger until your main course is prepared fully.

Furthermore grilling is then again ideal because of its hygienic good and nutritional values.

Grilled Chicken

Second among the most admirable cookout ideas is use of grilled chicken. Now you can use this very basic ingredient of our everyday food in various innovative ways that can make your cookout great fun and extremely successful. You can use grilled chicken with simple sauces like white barbecue sauce which is quite popular these days and is extremely tasty if the cookout is in the evenings. Barbecue sauce also is known for having about one forth calories of the sauces you have in the restaurants so this is a great item to be put on your cookout menus.

Corn And Red Pepper Salad

Corn and red pepper salad is seen in many lunch or dinner tables but unfortunately fails to make a place on the cookout menus. Using it on the cookout you are planning can be great however you can play with the ingredients and add your own taste and touch to it. It can be one of the great cookout ideas that can do wonders to your party. Diced red pepper and fresh corn kernels can be mixed together with addition of any favorite sauce of your and do wonders to your cookout.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are consumed in many forms. However it can be a great item on your cookout menus. Combine sweet potatoes with any spicy sauces which you feel compliment other foods on your cookout menu. Usually peppers are added to sweet potatoes which makes them easily going with roasted meat, grilled chicken and many other cookout and random food.

Do you like eating junk food like burgers, shawarma, candy bars, fried food, muffins, pizzas? Everyone does. All kind of fried food and food that contains sweet taste very good. However, consumption of these foods pose high risk to health. Read on and find out what are the harmful effects of excessive junk food intake.

Memory Problems

A study showed that eating junk food on consecutive days can deteriorate your memory. This is because junk food causes inflammation in a certain part of the brain which is stores information.

Hence, if someone eats junk food quite regularly can have his memory effected. Furthermore, it is also discovered that excessive intake of junk food can cause dementia, which is impaired ability to think, reason and create memories.


Many studies also showed that excessive eating of junk food can lead to depression. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Junk food is one the major causes for type 2 diabetes. As children eat so much of junk food, we see that even many children nowadays are suffering from diabetes.


Replacing healthy food with excessive intake of junk food can make you feel fatigued. Although junk food makes you feel satisfied and full for a while, it does not provide you with enough necessary nutrition that are required by the body.

Furthermore, eating junk food can also lower your body's energy levels and even the blood pressure can lower down.

Heart Disease

The fatty acids found in the junk food increase bad cholesterol in the body. The bad cholesterol remains sticked in the arteries and affects the normal flow of the blood to the heart, which in result become cause of heart disease.

Liver Problem

Junk food effects liver very similarly as alcohol drinking does. Consuming junk food excessively over a period of time can affect the health of liver and result in liver dysfunction.


Junk food is also linked with risk of developing cancer in the digestive system. Many studies showed that excessive consumption of junk food can cause colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Growth Issues

Children gain most of their height and weight during their teen age. However, excessive consumption of junk food during the teen age can hamper with the growth.

Dental Issues

Since junk foods are a storehouse of sugar, their excessive consumption can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

These are the major side effects of eating junk food. Although junk food tastes very good, we should try to reduce junk food consumption as much as possible and also encourage the children to eat more healthy, fresh food like vegetables, fruit instead.

People worldwide have to work at least eight hours per day, or even more at some companies, factories or businesses. They work for money and they think that they work for 8 hours and earn good money so they can also spend good life.

But they are wrong. People don't realize that they work minimum of 8 hours and spend approximately 1 hour to work and 1 hours to go back home, and 1 hour in the morning to get ready for the work, that sums up to  11 hours. That means in a full day, people spend minimum of 11 hours for work.  Assuming workers, or businessmen sleep at 11 pm, wake up in the morning for work about 8 am, and come back home at 6 pm, they spare themselves only 5 hours for themselves in a whole day.

Not only this, people who live alone, or bachelors, out of those 5 hours get only about 3 or 4 hours for them because they also have to do cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.

Health Problems By Working 8 Hours

All health related problems are caused by long working hours. The office workers sit all day long on a chair, due to which they can get various health problems, including heart, blood, weight, muscular, etc etc. Because people have to work work 8 hours, they sit, sand or stay at the same place, doing the same few things every day, due to which they health is affected.

Waste Of Time At Work

No where in the work do people actually work 8 hours, nor they have 8 hours of work to do. But they still have to stay at the work place, even if they have no work, and waste the time by talking, net surfing or deliberately extending their work.

If the wasted time from the 8 hours from all around the world is calculated of people, it will come up to be millions of hours per week. If some proper work could be done in those hours by other people by providing the others opportunities, we will not only save hours but also let unemployed work.

World is Changing

In many countries, or in many organizations, the 8-hour shift system has been abolished. The managers report equal or sometimes higher productivity when resources work 6 hours a day. Some companies are letting people work 8 hours a day but for 4 days a week only; so they get three days off in a week. The results there too are reported to be very good.


Eight hours of work shift should be reduced to 4 hours or so everywhere in the world. Moreover, employees should be allowed to work from home so if they less work, they can spend time at home relaxing, with family and also work from there as well.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Please leave a comment below letting others know what you think about the 8 hours work shift pattern.