New Natural Wrinkle Treatment: That Works

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کورونا وائرس کے بارے میں خرافات - Myths About Coronavirus

Lots of myths about coronavirus (Covid-19) are circulating here and there. Everyone has his/her own coronavirus tips and tricks. Therefore it is important for everybody to listen to only authentic information and do not follow anything without verification. Find here useful coronavirus prevention tips and tricks by BBC (UK)

Asbestos Lung Cancer | Treatments

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos lung cancer, your doctor may prescribe you a treatment which will lessen the symptoms, since there is yet no treatment available to fully get rid of asbestos-caused lung cancer.

Your doctor will recommend one of the following treatments if you are diagnosed with asbestos lung cancer.

1. Radiation: Thousands times stronger rays than X-rays are transferred into body to reduce size of the tumor.

2. Chemotherapy: It will be prescribed in form of medicine or intravenously.

3. Surgery: The doctor will try to remove tumor from the patient's body. This process involves removing of tumor and its surrounding tissues or entire effective location or even removal of entire lung.

Which treatment he will recommend depends on severity level. Several other methods of treating asbestos lung cancer are being experimented such as gene therapy and chemotherapy regimens.

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