Top 10 Health Benefits of Sulfur Water Bath

There are many benefits of Sulfur bath, and these are mentioned below.

1. Soaking yourself in a Sulfur bath brings you benefits of exercising, and without taking much strain.

2. Sulfur path lowers the blood pressure.

3. Sulfur bath lowers the pain and even swelling caused by rheumatoid/psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.

4. Sulfur bath relaxes the body and mind.

5. Your immunity is increased.

6. Sulfur bath helps in normalizing the functions of the glands.

7. Sulfur bath detoxifies the liver.

8. Sulfur bath alleviates the conditions of high cholesterol levels, female reproductive system disorders, and digestive disorders. Furthermore, it even helps removing the premenstrual issues and negative menopausal symptoms.

9. Sulfur bath helps in treating asthma, allergies and allergies.

10. Sulfur gives you stronger hair, nails and skin.

Although a Sulphur bath that is approximately 45-60 mins long gives you the above-mentioned benefits, it should be noted that to fully get all these benefits, regular soaking in a Sulphur bath is required.

These were the benefits of a Sulphur bath. Hope you found this information useful. Do you want to take a sulfur bath at home? Then check out this sulfur crystal product. Just add them in water and enjoy sulfur bath at home.

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Best Alternatives to BlackTea

If you are bored of your daily black tea or black tea with, or you want to try something else, here are the best alternatives to black tea that you can try:

1. Chamomile Tea 

This tea tastes very good. If honey is added or vanilla flavor in it, the taste becomes even nicer. 

2. Spearmint Tea

It has a sweet and lighter taste, and a little similar to the spearmint sweets. Spearmint tea is good for digestion and to get fresh

3. Green Tea

Not only this tea is refreshing, it has many health benefits too. It is good for your brain, heart and skin. Green tea with lemon or mint tastes even better

4. Jasmine Tea

This tea has a very nice aroma and also tastes good. 

5. Licorice Tea

This is another tea that has a lovely scent, and it's also quite refreshing as well.

6. Butter Mint Tea

This one is not very easy to find but this one also has a very good taste and nice smell.  A huge variety of black tea is available for purchase at Check out the black tea variety available at competitive prices, here

These were the alternatives to black tea or black milk tea. Also read: Health benefits of black and white tea

Benefits of Cycling that You Must Know

Cycling has so many health and other benefits that we should especially take out time from our busy lives and make cycling a daily part of our lives.  Here are the many benefits of cycling that you must know.

Health Benefits of Cycling

  • Cycling promotes good heart health. 

  • Diabetes can be controlled through cycling as during cycling glucose present in the blood is utilized.

  • Your stamina is increased by regular cycling, which in turns opens for you further options for doing other kinds of physical activities.

  • Cycling is stress-reliever. The long the time you spend cycling, the more stress you will release.

  • Cycling is also considered as a pain-reduction strategy. If you have pain in any part of your body, cycling can help in reducing or totally getting rid of it.

  • Cycling not only helps in preventing arthritis but also in reducing its harmful effects.

  • Cycling lowers risk of cancer. 

  • Your body muscle health is improved.

  • Cycling helps insomnia sufferers to sleep in half the time, if you cycle every day for 20-30 minutes.

  • Scientists at Stanford University revealed that cycling reduces signs of ageing, due to increased blood circulation and more oxygen delivery inside body.

  • Cycling increases brain power as more brain cells are built during cycling.

  • Riding bicycle helps to-be mothers in easier labor, faster recovery and it also elevates their mood throughout their 9 months of pregnancy.

Non Health Benefits of Cycling.

  • You may get to your destination faster. In many heavily populated cities, for example Birmingham UK and many more, it may take less time to get to another place than traveling in a car.

  • You will save money. If you travel by bus you have to pay for the ticket. Driving a car requires you to pay for petrol, oil consumption, wear and tear. Traveling by a bicycle is totally free.

  • Cycling is a good pass-time.

  • You get the opportunity to get into small streets where you can't enter in a car. Thus, you can explore more of your city on a bike.

  • You can make cycling friends.

  • It gives you excuse not to watch TV, play games, use mobile phone or do other unproductive / unhealthy activity.

These were the many benefits of cycling. Also read: Benefits of Walking

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Main Reasons Why You Feel Cold All the Time

Do you feel cold all the time? Do not worry, this is not a big problem. The following are the main reasons why you feel cold all the time.

1. Not Enough Fat

You lack the enough fat in your body to protect you from outside temperature. If you are dieting or neglecting proper diet intake, you are losing adequate level of fat from your body. Resultantly, your body can't create enough heat inside your body and the outside body temperature feels like very cold.

2. Not Good Thyroid

About 5% of Americans has a condition in which their thyroid doesn't secrete enough thyroid hormone. When this hormone isn't present in your body with enough amount, your metabolism slows down and consequently your body can not generate adequate heat. If you feel cost most of the time, you should see a doctor for a possible thyroid problem.

3. Not Enough Iron

Inadequate intake of iron is also a cause of feeling cold and this is one of the most common reasons for this problem. You can try getting rid of coldness by taking iron supplements or food that are rich in iron such as eggs, meat, seafood, spinach, etc.

4. Bad Blood Circulation

There are many reasons for this. One being heart disease. If there is a blockage in your heart or it isn't pumping blood effectively, your hands and feet will not get enough supply of blood and you will feel cold.

Other reasons for poor blood circulation include smoking, sitting down for long time, stress, etc.

5. Not Enough Sleep

Not taking enough sleep leads to weakening of the nervous system, which in some way affects your body temperature.

6. Not Enough Water

A major amount of a human body is water and it helps modulate body temperature. When there is inadequate water in your body, it becomes more sensitive to temperatures that are different than usual.

Water also warms up the body. Therefore, it is recommended to anyone to drink 8 glasses of water a day at minimum.

7. Not Enough Vitamin B12

Deficiency of vitamin B12 is also the cause of feeling cold all the time. You can recover vitamin B12 in your body by either taking vitamin B12 supplements or by eating meat and fish.

8. Diabetes

Higher sugar levels in blood is also a cause for feeling cold all the time. If you experience symptoms like frequent urination, tiredness, increased thirst, these may indicate that you have diabetes. It is a good idea to have your blood tested for sugar levels to see if you have diabetes or perhaps you are just suffering from low sugar levels due to bad diet.

These were the top reasons for feeling cold all the time. Hope you found this information useful.
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