11 Top Benefits of Fish Oil

Benefits of Fish Oil for your Health, Mind and Body

There are several health benefits of fish oil; the 11 top benefits of fish oil are described below:

1. Reduces Pain in You Body

The omega 3 acids in fish oil regulate body's inflammation cycle and are very effective in lessening pains due to arthritis cystitis and prostatitis.

2. Great for Heart Health

Fish oil has been proven to do miracles for the heart. It does a lot good to your cardiovascular system. It also lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, LDLs and tryglicerides.

Regular use of fish oil helps preventing heart attacks. Mega 3 fatty acids break up clots, thus stopping them from breaking up and causing a block in an artery.

3. Prevents from Depression

Use of fish oil lightens you when you are in depression. Taking fish oil supplements when you start to feel stressed is good for you.

4. Improves Your Mood

As we read above, fish oil decreases depression; it also improves mood, particularly if you are prone to mood swings.

5. Increases Intelligence

Fish oil increases memory, helps you focus, and increases reasoning power. Fish oil also helps in better functioning of the brain. Researches tell that pregnant nursing mothers obtain a lot of benefit from fish oil, as they are reported to have said their intelligence has increased as well as happiness.

6. Lower Chances of Childhood Disorders

Studies have shown that children who are given fish oil supplements are less likely to develop childhood disorders. Moreover, those with dyspraxia, dyslexia and other disorders have had their diseases almost completely vanished when fish oil was used.

7. Reduces of Risk of Cancer

Fish oil reduced many types of cancer to develop. It prevents three major types of cancer namely colon, prostate and breast cancer.

8. Regulates cholesterol and Prevents High Blood Pressure

Experts say that fish oil benefits in regulating cholesterol very effectively. Moreover, fish oil also thins blood and lowers blood pressure.

9. Reduces Inflammation

If you have inflammation in your body, use of fish oil reduces inflammation of tissue and muscle.

10. Protects You from Type 2 Diabetes

Fish oil prevents you from diabetes. It won't cure Type Diabetes but it can surely prevent you from this disease.

11. Protects From Alzheimer's Disease

Fish oil helps is protecting you from the Alzheimer's disease. If someone is already suffering from this disease, fish oil eases the patients a bit.

The above were the top health benefits of fish oil. Using fish oil benefits a normal person as well as a patient suffering from different types of diseases. Therefore it can be concluded it is wise to use fish oil supplements in our daily diet. Fish oil capsules are easily available at any pharmacy or a general store. But before you start to use fish oil, make sure you read the usage or dosage instructions that come along, or read on the bottle.

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The Real Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

As the world is gradually coming to an end, human beings are becoming more and more vulnerable. We, today are surrounded by worries of all species and kind. Some of them bark on us like dogs while other penetrates into our minds like a snake. Then there are some forms of worries that are not related to us directly but affect us badly exactly like the dirty black crow that sits on the window pane and tweets the entire day in his noisy way.

With the dawn of each new day we humans are seen more worried about how to bring uniqueness in what we do and say, how to be perfect, how to stand different from the crowd and so on and we are only running after desires and wishes and busy in comparisons and evaluations of ourselves with others. Wanting more and more brings depression, anxiety and unhappiness with it.

There are various causes of depression and different people have different reasons associated to their depressed state of mind. However major causes of depression are situations, physical states, emotions and actions.


Some common depression causing situations are workplace, form of work like sales, customer services and clientele handling, team work and so on. Other than this personal situations like family problems, health issues, financial problems etc all are important situations that make us depressed.

Distorted thinking

Sometimes it so happens that we start thinking negative about ourselves or about an event that is soon to be happening, anxiety about a project to be submitted as to what will happen if I fail the test, if my project is rejected, if the boss fires me from work etc.  All such distorted thinking patterns make us depressed.

Physical state

Sleeping disorders results in a bad mood and laziness which results in a state of depression. Many people face problems in having a good sleep like long working hours, shift work, uncomfortable sleep due to extremely hot weather, kids waking you up in the night etc. There and many other such reasons that make you exhausted and you lack the energy to perform well and start feeling depressed.

Life Imbalance

Those people who spend much of their time doing only work actually neglect personal well being. These include recreational activities like going for jogging or walking, spending time with friends and family.

These are some of the most common factors of depression that can be cured. Sometimes people know why they are depressed so it's easy to help them get out of it while sometimes people do not know why they are depressed. Usually retired people are more prone to depression as they are retired; living alone, have no social supports or friends etc. However, no matter what age you are if you are depressed try to figure out why? If you are unable to cope up with the depression it is better to start visiting a neurological expert to help you fight with depression.

These were causes of depression! Living with depression is a sin as it reduces your life so the better you get rid of it the easier it is for you to enjoy the rest of your life.

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Benefits of Walking That You Must Know

Our body demands frequent and rapid movements. These movements are required stay fit and healthy and active in our life. Regular movements such as exercising or walking ensures good health, and keeps you away from malfunctions and diseases. Furthermore immunity is boosted that helps fight germs and virus.  One very simple, easy and effective movement for the human body is walking and the health benefits of walking are countless. The more you walk , the more body is blessed with all the benefits of walking thus giving you best of health and a strong immune system to fight against diseases and illnesses. There are numerous benefits of walking including:

Benefits of Walking

Health benefits of walking related to the physical activity are numerous. The few of which whose result is more apparent include getting rid of joint pains, decreased stroke risks, lowered and controlled blood pressures, much better and relaxed night sleep, decreased stresses, enhanced memory and minimal depressions, and many more. These benefits are pertinent to the more physical aspect of the body functions, walking thus where is beneficial for the human health, the benefits of walking also encompass various health benefits associated with mental and emotional aspects of humans.

Slowing Down of Mental Regression

Benefits of walking envisage the blessing of slowing and minimizing down the mental regression, linked with human age. Research at the University of California, San Francisco has revealed that women who walk an average distance of three miles per day were observed with seventeen percent decline in memory while on the other hand the women who walked lesser than half mile even in a week experienced twenty five percent regressions in memory.

Reduced Alzheimer's Risk

Amazingly another interesting health benefit of walking is associated with miraculous prevention of Alzheimer disease. Extensive study done at University of Virginia health system has revealed that men between the age of 70 to 90 years and walked regularly per day were prone to very less chances of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in comparison to others who walked very less.

Better Sleep

Sleep improvement is another benefit of walking, a study has revealed that individuals between the age of 50 and 75 years who walk around one hour in the morning, are very less prone to Insomnia as compared to those who never did this exercise.

Effects on Mood

Various other health benefits of walking envisage the lightening of the mood, as it has been proven now that a walk of thirty minutes per day boosts the mood in patients with depression much faster than the antidepressants. The individuals who walk daily have more stable moods than people who are not into the regular walking habit.

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How to Get Rid of Allergies? 6 Best Ways

The spring is in the air and the winter is fading away but the spring is not as smooth as it sounds, though a relief from the chilling winters is welcomed by many. The springs have brought along the beautiful blossoms of flowers and the grass is getting retrieved its lush green looks giving a warm welcome to the humans coupled with the warmness creeping into the weather and replacing winters.

In order to improve the health and fitness the experts have recommended ways of getting rid of seasonal allergies in order to keep the human health and fitness at its best without being affected. The experts recommend increasing the intake of essential fatty acids within diet, which include fish oils. Here are more ways to get rid of allergies easily.

More Ways To Prevent Yourself From Seasonal Allergy

Vitamin C Intake: Intake of vitamin C is also considered essential for the maintenance of human health and fitness thus assisting in keeping the Histamine levels very low in the blood. Also very important in seasonal allergies prevention is the dire monitoring of pollen and mold in the atmosphere. It is therefore suggested that windows and doors be closed and outdoor visits be curtailed when the pollen and mold count is high.

Carpets and Heavy Collectors: Dust collectors like carpets and heavy curtains must be avoided in the spring season for the sake of allergy prevention. People who do not possess much immunity against the seasonal allergies must wear face masks thus preventing the inhaling of the irritating elements causing seasonal allergies.

Homemade Saline: Homemade saline solution can also be used as a nasal spray for getting rid of seasonal allergies and also applying calamine lotion can significantly help mixed with oatmeal in a tub of warm water while bathing. This solution ensures quality health and fitness during the seasonal allergy prone seasons.

Use Of Right Air Filter: research has revealed that the air conditioning filters ionic electrostatic room cleaner are not that helpful, as the released ions cane be irritants thus causing allergies. The filters thus need to be changed regularly.

Prevention: If a history of the seasonal allergies is recorded then before the start of the changing weather, the medications must be started well in time, so as to prevent from getting allergy reactions.

Avoid self medication: Self medication should be avoided at all costs in getting rid of the seasonal allergies. Hence an allergist must be consulted who can offer the expert advice for treatment of the problem.

Use Air Purifiers for allergies: There are many such air purifiers available in the market. One good option to buy is available at Amazon by the Levoit brand, for a low price of only $89.99. Purifies for allergies, pets, smokers, dust, smoke, mold, pollen and mold.

These were some tips on how to prevent from seasonal allergy, hope you found these helpful.

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